Roasted beans available now on sale! [ CROWD ROASTER EX] Find your favorite roaster and brand!

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of CROWD ROASTER .
Starting today, CROWD ROASTER SHOP will be selling [ CROWD ROASTER EX]
We will start selling "roasted beans available for immediate delivery."
*This is not a regular roast event, but an item that can be purchased immediately.

Until now, CROWD ROASTER has offered customers the option to purchase coffee beans at roasting events. Roasting events have the advantage of being customizable to your liking, but they also have the disadvantage of taking some time to deliver the beans, as each roaster goes through a process of trial and error until they are satisfied. Thankfully, we have received feedback from users that they would like roasted beans delivered immediately, so we have decided to start CROWD ROASTER EX.
The two letters "EX" are intended to convey meanings such as "EXPRESS" and "EXPERIENCE."
You can purchase " CROWD ROASTER EX Roasted Beans Delivered Immediately" from the coffee pack icon on the SHOP bar and home screen.
Even if you have been hesitant to order before, by trying a variety of roasted beans, you will be able to get a feel for CROWD ROASTER and the characteristics of each roaster. Try finding your favorite roaster and brand.

You may also find that you can enjoy coffee in even more ways by ordering your own roasting event with your favorite roaster or brand.

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