CROWD ROASTER uniquely imported new coffee beans are now available! Existing beans have also been revised to more affordable prices.

“ CROWD ROASTER ” has added a new coffee bean “El Salvador España Farm BPC Anaerobic Natural” to its lineup. In addition, the prices of two existing types of coffee beans have been revised. Now you can enjoy a new coffee experience at a more affordable price.
`` CROWD ROASTER '' is an innovative service that allows you to request roasters from famous roastery cafes (roasting coffee shops) across the country to ``roast'' rare coffee beans that are not available in stores. It's a service.
This time, we have started handling unique specialty coffee beans. "El Salvador España Farm BPC Anaerobic Natural" is an anaerobic fermentation process. CROWD ROASTER 's own imported coffee.

"El Salvador España Farm Bourbon / Parkas / Castillo Anaerobic Natural"

Coffee from El Salvador's famous España Farm, established in 1860, has arrived in Japan for the first time. It is unique enough to completely change the image of El Salvadoran coffee, and due to its anaerobic naturalness, you can feel flavors like berries and black cherry, and a lingering finish that contains the acidity and sweetness of apricot. Due to the careful finishing of the farm, the unique berry flavor of this process is clearly expressed, allowing you to enjoy it as much as wine as it is coffee.

Popular coffee beans now available at more affordable prices

In order to allow more customers to enjoy CROWD ROASTER , we have revised the prices of some coffee beans and started offering them at new, more affordable prices. In particular, CROWD ROASTER 's most popular coffee beans, ``Colombia Santuario Farm Yellow Bourbon ,'' are now affordable due to this price revision, and are recommended for first-time orders.
<New price>
・Colombia Santuario Farm Yellow Bourbon : 1,000 yen (excluding tax) / 125g of raw beans
・Panama Kotowa Farm Ethiopian seeds: 1,750 yen (excluding tax) / 125g of raw beans

What is “ CROWD ROASTER ”?

We order highly rated specialty coffee handled by various coffee trading companies and hard-to-obtain green coffee beans that are not generally distributed to roasters who are active all over the country, and create original coffee. This service provides an unprecedented way to enjoy coffee.

Background of “ CROWD ROASTER ” service provision

It is said that ``80% of delicious coffee is determined by green beans and roasting,'' and by choosing the combination of coffee beans and roasting themselves, coffee lovers can more consciously choose coffee that suits their tastes. We launched this service with the dream of a future where you can find it.

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