New lineup of coffee beans! Introducing the rare anaerobic fermented " Geisha "

CROWD ROASTER has added a new coffee bean to its lineup: El Salvador El Carmen Farm Geisha Anaerobic Natural.
" CROWD ROASTER " is an innovative service that allows you to request roasters from famous roastery cafes (coffee specialty stores that roast coffee) across the country to "roast" rare coffee beans that are not available in their stores.
This time, we have started handling a new unique specialty coffee bean. The rare Geisha with anaerobic fermentation process "El Salvador El Carmen Farm Geisha Anaerobic Natural" has been added to the lineup.
Geisha is known as the best variety of specialty coffee, and is popular for its gorgeous aroma and unique flavor. It is difficult to cultivate, requiring a suitable growing environment and high skills from the producer, and the yield is low, making it an extremely rare coffee bean. The unique flavor is brought out by subjecting it to time-consuming anaerobic fermentation.

"El Salvador El Carmen Farm Geisha Anaerobic Natural"

"El Salvador El Carmen Farm Geisha Anaerobic Natural" is grown at the El Carmen Farm, which has a long history in El Salvador, Central America, a famous Geisha producing region. This farm is located in the heart of a lush forest that is part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, which protects the ecosystem of Central America, and is known for producing high-quality coffee that is considerate of the natural environment.
This Geisha is Geisha using the anaerobic natural fermentation process. It has a creamy, well-balanced, full-bodied coffee with a citrus flavor and sweetness like candied orange, as well as a richness like cocoa and chocolate.
Enjoy the new appeal of Geisha with its carefully roasted coffee by top roasters from all over the country who are part of CROWD ROASTER .

What is " CROWD ROASTER "?

This service offers a whole new way to enjoy coffee, where you can order highly rated specialty coffees handled by various coffee trading companies, or hard-to-find raw coffee beans that are not generally available, roasted by roasters active across the country, and drink your own original coffee.

Background of the provision of the " CROWD ROASTER " service

It is said that "80% of good coffee is determined by the green beans and roasting." We launched this service with the dream of a future where coffee lovers can more consciously find the coffee that suits their taste by choosing their own combination of coffee beans and roasts.

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