CROWD ROASTER 1st Anniversary! Limited original can badge gift campaign

“ CROWD ROASTER ” has celebrated its 1st anniversary since its launch. To commemorate this, we will be giving away a limited original can badge to everyone who participates in the roast event and purchases coffee beans.
" CROWD ROASTER " displays the roast level of coffee beans along with an original illustration, and we have created a can badge featuring that illustration.
There are 10 patterns of can badges with 8 illustrations showing the degree of roasting and the " CROWD ROASTER " logo design, and there are also hidden designs.
Starting with shipments on March 22, 2022, one can badge will be randomly included with each order.
Look forward to seeing which one you win. Please try collecting badges with various designs.

<Campaign overview>

CROWD ROASTER 1st Anniversary Original can badge inclusion campaign with gratitude
Campaign start date: From shipping on March 22, 2022
One type of can badge is randomly included per order (one box).
* Ends as soon as badges run out

What is “ CROWD ROASTER ”?

We order highly rated specialty coffee handled by various coffee trading companies and hard-to-obtain green coffee beans that are not generally distributed to roasters who are active all over the country, and create original coffee. This service provides an unprecedented way to enjoy coffee.

Background of “ CROWD ROASTER ” service provision

It is said that ``80% of delicious coffee is determined by green beans and roasting,'' and by choosing the combination of coffee beans and roasting themselves, coffee lovers can more consciously choose coffee that suits their tastes. We launched this service with the dream of a future where you can find it.

[ CROWD ROASTER app/website]

・“ CROWD ROASTER ” app (free distribution)
Compatible OS: Android 9 or above, iOS 12 or above
・Service site (Web)