Coffee is a sweet, “red” liquid with a fruity taste! Tomomichi Morifuji , a super unique roaster who operates an original roasting machine, will be participating in CROWD ROASTER !

Tomomichi Morifuji, owner roaster of RED POISON COFFEE ROASTERS in Sagamino, Kanagawa, will be joining CROWD ROASTER , a service that offers a new way to enjoy coffee by allowing users to request coffee roasting via an app, with some of Japan's leading Tomomichi Morifuji participating.

At RED POISON COFFEE ROASTERS , Morifuji offers specialty coffee that's a little different from what's available elsewhere.
Its characteristic is a clear, sweet coffee full of fruitiness.
They have created a ``red, addictive'' coffee that breaks the image of coffee as a black liquid, and fans from all over the country are visiting their stores.

Morifuji 's commitment extends to the point where he designed and built his own roasting machine, the only one of its kind in the world, named "SOLID," which realizes Morifuji 's ideal style of roasting.

The first coffee beans that Morifuji will try at CROWD ROASTER are "El Salvador/El Carmen Farm/ Geisha ."
This is a rare coffee bean made from the popular Geisha variety, fermented through a process called anaerobic natural, and is only available at CROWD ROASTER in Japan.

How is this roasted by Morifuji ?
Check out CROWD ROASTER for more details!

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2-2-20 Sagaminono, Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

What is " CROWD ROASTER "?
This app is a service that allows you to freely combine highly rated specialty coffees handled by various coffee trading companies, hard-to-find coffee beans that are not generally available, and roasters active across the country to purchase original coffees.

Background of the provision of the " CROWD ROASTER " service It is said that "80% of good coffee is determined by the green beans and roasting." We launched this service with the dream of a future where people can more consciously find coffee that suits their tastes and preferences by choosing their own combination of beans and roasts.
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