CROWD ROASTER app has been updated to make it easier to use!


Solflare (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Jiro Sekiba), which operates CROWD ROASTER , a cutting-edge online platform that offers a new coffee experience, has revamped CROWD ROASTER app to improve user experience.

■For a more enjoyable and vivid user experience

CROWD ROASTER is the only app that allows individuals to directly request roasting of their favorite coffee beans from Japan's leading roasters. It connects coffee professionals, including roasters, trading companies, and producers, with enthusiastic coffee lovers, and has gained support from users as a community for enjoying new coffee experiences.

This time, based on feedback from users, participating roasters, and other coffee professionals, we have revamped the app to create an easier-to-use UI and a more enjoyable experience.

■ Have fun ordering roasts like a game


When you open the new CROWD ROASTER app, the first thing you see is a colorful color bar and our roasters. Each color bar represents a brand of coffee bean, and the roaster's icon above it indicates that a "roast event" has been scheduled where that roaster will roast that brand.

Roast events, which solicit participation in roasting in batches (the amount of coffee that can be roasted at one time), are a system unique to CROWD ROASTER . Once participants gather, similar to crowdfunding, a roaster will roast the requested brand of coffee beans and deliver the coffee to the participants.

The roaster who is requested to roast explains the type of roast they would like to do at this roast event. Users can also communicate directly with the roaster using the comment function on the app. Users can decide which roast event to participate in by looking at these comments, details of the coffee bean brand, the roaster's specialty roast level, and other information.

Comments, details about coffee bean brands, and roaster information are now easier to view than ever before on the app.

In addition, users can now host their own roasting events by selecting the coffee beans and roaster they wish to hire, with more intuitive operations than ever before.

CROWD ROASTER app will continue to be updated to include more information about coffee and how to choose it, so that by opening the app users can learn more about coffee and it will become a tool that helps users find the coffee that truly suits their taste.

Download CROWD ROASTER app now and join CROWD ROASTER community.


CROWD ROASTER is a unique application that connects top roasters with coffee producers around the world, and coffee lovers who love coffee. As the digital revolution hits coffee distribution, this cutting-edge platform allows you to meet with farms and roasters online, allowing you to enjoy the best coffee.