New Year's special project: CROWD ROASTER tasting lucky bag: Brand & roaster special set 2023 available in very limited quantities!

CROWD ROASTER will be releasing a special campaign, "New Year's CROWD ROASTER Tasting Lucky Bag Brand & Roaster Special Set 2023" in very limited quantities from 12:00 noon on Wednesday, January 4, 2023! (This is not a regular roasting event, but an item that can be purchased immediately.)
We have prepared a roaster's tasting set (New Year's CROWD ROASTER Roaster's Tasting Lucky Bag 2023 [Vermilion]), which was very well received at SCAJ2022, as well as a brand tasting set in which one roaster has roasted three brands with their own interpretation (New Year's CROWD ROASTER Brand Tasting Lucky Bag 2023 [White]).

The brand used in the roaster's tasting set is "Colombia El Paraiso Farm Double Anaerobic Natural Lime (CSLM)." This is a very popular brand from El Paraiso Farm at CROWD ROASTER , and we have prepared it as a special New Year's project.
El Paraiso Farm is located in Cauca Department, Colombia, which is known as a famous coffee producing region. This farm is gaining popularity among roasters and coffee lovers around the world by creating flavors that can only be tasted here through ingenuity in the selection and drying methods. This time, we have prepared the "CSLM Lime" lot from El Paraiso Farm. You can taste the sharp acidity that makes you feel like you are really biting into a lime, the flavor reminiscent of lemongrass and lime, and the rich sweetness unique to double anaerobic.

The brand comparison set will include the newest brand in CROWD ROASTER 's lineup, "GJE Guji Ethiopia Natural G1." This coffee is carefully selected and natural by small-scale farmers in Guji, southern Ethiopia, which is also known as a famous coffee producing region. This is the true taste of the royal road to Ethiopia Natural. The flavor is reminiscent of ripe berries, with a rich chocolate-like taste, and the balance of sweetness and acidity is excellent. The aftertaste is clean, and the sweetness increases as it cools, making it a coffee that you will want to drink over and over again.
Other products in the lineup include [YBB] Gold Wash from Santuario Farm, Colombia, [CT] Anaerobic Natural from Ortiga Farm, Costa Rica, and [CSRT] Rose Tea from El Paraiso Farm, Colombia.

Each unique brand will be carefully roasted with the unique Manabu roasting technique and outstanding skills of each roaster, and delivered to you. This is a special price for the New Year only, and there are very limited quantities, so we recommend that you purchase early. Take this opportunity to enjoy the dream collaboration of top roasters from all over Japan!

【Product Details】
■New Year's CROWD ROASTER Brand Tasting Lucky Bag 2023 [White]
・Tanaka Yoshiya lucky bag "A" set ・Yoshiyuki Nakamura lucky bag "Ke" set ・Tomomichi Morifuji lucky bag "Ma" set
Brands: GJE, YBB, CSRT Contents: 3 bags of 100g roasted beans (1 bag each of 3 brands)
Price: Regular price 5,545 yen → 3,990 yen (tax included)
・Suzuki Kiyokazu lucky bag "shi" set
・Nakamura Keita lucky bag "te" set
Brand name: GJE, CT, CSLM
Contents: 3 bags of 100g roasted beans (3 brands x 1 bag each)
Price: Regular price 6,733 yen → 3,990 yen (tax included)

■New Year's CROWD ROASTER Roaster Tasting Lucky Bag 2023 [Vermilion]
・Roaster & Brand Tasting Lucky Bag "Congratulations" Set (Complete Box)
Brand name: GJE, CT, CSLM, YBB, CSRT
Contents: Roasted beans 100g x 21 bags (5 brands)
Price: Regular price 47,925 yen → 28,000 yen (tax included)
This set comes with an original coaster as a bonus.
※New Year's CROWD ROASTER Brand Tasting Lucky Bag 2023 [White] "A" "Ke" "M" "Shi" "Te" Set and
New Year CROWD ROASTER Roaster Tasting Lucky Bag 2023 [Vermilion] "Ma" and "Me" Sets, total of 7 sets

・Roaster Tasting Lucky Bag "Ma" Set ( Kiyokazu , Nakamura , Morifuji )
・Roaster Tasting Lucky Bag "Me" Set ( Yoshiya , Keita , Nakamura )
Brand Name: CSLM
Contents: 3 bags of 100g roasted beans (1 brand x 3 bags)
Price: Regular price 8,910 yen → 5,500 yen (tax included)

*Products will be shipped sequentially from around January 12th.
*We receive a lot of orders during the New Year period. Please note that it may take some time for your order to be shipped.
*Due to limited quantities, this offer will end as soon as stock runs out.
*This is not a regular roast event item, but an item that can be purchased immediately.
*The new brand "GJE Guji Ethiopia Natural G1" is scheduled to go on sale from mid-January.