SCAJ2023 LIMITED BOX now on sale in limited quantity!

Thank you very much for your continued patronage and patronage of CROWD ROASTER .

SCAJ 2023 (SCAJ World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition 2023), an annual specialty coffee festival, was held from September 27th to 29th.

At CROWD ROASTER booth, under the theme of "Gathering of Artisans," we invited all kinds of coffee professionals from the industry, including roasters, baristas, mechanics, importers, and producers, to hold various special shows and deliver special content that could only be seen and heard here.

Please check out the special page below to find out everything about the CROWD ROASTER booth.
>> CROWD ROASTER [Go to SCAJ2023 special website]

The 8-flavor tasting set sold at the SCAJ venue is now on sale!

At the CROWD ROASTER booth, in addition to numerous stage events, we also sold a special tasting set of eight types of beer, exclusive to SCAJ.

After the event, we were happy to hear many comments from those who had purchased something saying, "I want another one!" and from those who were far away and couldn't attend, saying, "I wish they would sell it on the app too!"
In response to such requests, we will be selling all 8 types of "SCAJ2023 LIMITED BOX" in limited quantities on CROWD ROASTER app!

You can enjoy the excitement of SCAJ2023 again on CROWD ROASTER app!
Not only those who purchased during the event, but also those who were unable to attend, please purchase this set and experience the excitement of SCAJ2023!

All eight sets are focused on coffee roasting, and each one embodies the way of enjoying coffee that CROWD ROASTER proposes.
You can fully enjoy the differences in flavor that result from differences in roasting machine, roasting degree, selection method, etc.!

Of course, we don't have a large stock of all 8 types of sets.
It's first come first served so we recommend you purchase early.

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This set is also recommended as an introductory set for customers who have never used CROWD ROASTER before.

We will be releasing information on the concept, how to enjoy, and recipes for each set one by one, so please check them out.

Purchase the SCAJ2023 LIMITED BOX and enjoy the coffee experience that only CROWD ROASTER can offer!