Japan Cup Tasters Championship 2022 Champion TRUNK COFFEE SHOMA ISHIHARA participates!


We have some exciting news to share with you today!
CROWD ROASTER is pleased to announce that TRUNK COFFEE SHOMA ISHIHARA will be joining the group as a new member.

Trunk Coffee, a leader in Japanese specialty coffee

SHOMA ISHIHARA is a roaster at TRUNK COFFEE, a specialty coffee shop based in Nagoya.

TRUNK COFFEE carries a wide variety of brands, from traditional coffee beans to innovative coffee beans with unique fermentation processes, and we particularly offer many new varieties and newly processed coffee beans that reveal new possibilities for coffee.

For SHOMA ISHIHARA , a roaster at TRUNK COFFEE, roasting is an important process in which he approaches the coffee produced by producers in a way that makes it as delicious as possible and finishes it in a way that satisfies consumers.
We continue to roast coffee with the aim of bringing out the maximum potential of the coffee and eliminating any negative aspects.

The roasting machine that ISHIHARA uses is the "StrongHold S7X".
This roaster is equipped with three types of heat sources (hot air, drum heater, and halogen), and by controlling these during roasting, a wide range of flavors can be created.

Enjoy ISHIHARA 's roasting, which brings out the sweetness and acidity beautifully without any negative elements such as impurities or bitterness, and also gives the coffee a rich, full-bodied flavor!

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As a roaster, ISHIHARA says he values ​​not only his roasting techniques but also cupping to determine the flavor.
In order to improve the quality of the coffee at my shop and to enhance my own ability to discern the distinct flavors of coffee, I have been cupping coffee every day and working to improve my skills.

He then participated in and won the Japan Cup Tasters Championship 2022, a competition to test cupping skills.

Be sure to take note of the delicate flavor of the coffee, which is roasted backwards from ISHIHARA 's outstanding, top-level cupping skills!

To celebrate participation, we are releasing a 3-brand tasting set!

To commemorate the participation of TRUNK COFFEE SHOMA ISHIHARA , we will be selling a limited number of "ISHIHARA CUP TASTERS CHAMPION BOXes."

If there is a brand in this set that catches your eye, or a favorite brand that you would like to try roasted by ISHIHARA , please apply for a roasting event! I'm sure they will be happy to accept!
This is the first ever tasting set from CROWD ROASTER , packed with ISHIHARA 's attention to detail.

This time, we carefully considered the compatibility between ISHIHARA and the brands and selected three unique brands.

The three brands that were selected are: "(CSRT) Colombia/El Paraiso Farm/ Castillo /Double Anaerobic Rose Tea", "(GJE) Ethiopia/Guji/G1/Ethiopian Native Species/Natural", and "(KKW) Kenya/Tim Factory/ SL28 /SL34/Batihan/Ruiru 11/Washed".

This set has been named the "ISHIHARA CUP TASTERS CHAMPION BOX" after ISHIHARA 's history of winning the "Japan Cup Tasters Championship 2022."
ISHIHARA aims to bring out the sweetness and acidity beautifully without producing negative elements such as impurities or bitterness, and also give the coffee a rich, full-bodied flavor.

[CSRT], as its name suggests, is impressive with its gorgeous rose-like aroma! As it cools, an even more gorgeous and light flavor emerges.
[GJE] leaves an impression with its gentle sweetness. As it cools, you can also taste the sweet and sour taste reminiscent of berries.
[KKW] is a drink with an excellent balance of umami and acidity. Its distinctive taste makes it easy for anyone to drink.

ISHIHARA performs cupping every day and strives to improve the quality of his cups.
With this set, you can fully experience ISHIHARA 's roasting, which brings out the maximum potential of coffee!
As quantities are limited, we recommend purchasing as soon as possible.

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