Coffee Market Chart for the Last Week (2024-04-22 to 2024-04-28)

Last week the market was running energetically, like chasing a ball in the park!

But, during the week of 4/22 to 4/28, it seemed like he got tired and took a break. His tail, which had been up all this time, started to drop a little and slowly slid back.
At the beginning of the week, it started at 228.40, and towards the middle of the week it seemed like it might have a bit of fun, even rising to 223.60, but looking at the overall picture, it ultimately fell short of last week's high branch (price).

In particular, it was a bit of a shock when it fell to 218.35 on April 23. The closing price, which is of concern, recovered to 223.95 at the end of the week, but it didn't show a big jump like last week.
But like me, staring at the snacks, I am still hopeful!
Last week, he was very active, chasing after the ball, but this week he was a little quieter. Maybe he was wondering if everyone would play with him.

However, at the end he did show a little tail wagging movement, so there's still a lot more to come!