[Gift plan] GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS Suzuki Kiyokazu interview commemorative CROWD ROASTER × The Roast by Panasonic coffee beans will be given away to 10 people by lottery

With the smartphone app " CROWD ROASTER ," you can enjoy the finest coffee produced by top-notch roasters and carefully selected green beans, and you can enjoy roasting easily at home, or with its unique profile, it can also be used as a professional sample roaster. Panasonic's ``The Roast'' is working hard to improve the status of roasters in the coffee industry and educate people about the appeal of roasting.

This time, to commemorate the appearance of Suzuki Kiyokazu of GLITCH COFFEE & ROSTERS, a registered roaster of CROWD ROASTER , in the coffee lifestyle web magazine "AKATITI", we will introduce coffee roasted by Kiyokazu at "The Roast". We will be running a campaign where we will give away a set of beans and coffee beans handled as CROWD ROASTER to 10 people.

In the interview, Kiyokazu talked about the appeal of Panasonic's sample roaster "The Roast," which he himself uses for test roasting, as well as " CROWD ROASTER ," which allows you to taste the differences between roasted and green beans. I'm talking.

AKATITI article URL:

◇Roaster Suzuki Kiyokazu Profile name: Suzuki Kiyokazu
(Location: 1F Kamura Building, 3-16 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
(URL: )

■GLITCH Kiyokazu will give away roasted coffee beans to 10 people.

To commemorate the release of the interview on "AKATITI", coffee beans (approximately 40g) roasted at "The Roast" by Kiyokazu roaster's unique profile, and coffee beans roasted by Kiyokazu roaster at CROWD ROASTER (approximately 100g) will be presented to 10 people by lottery. This is a valuable opportunity to enjoy the differences in roasting and the changes in taste between "The Roast" and a full-fledged roaster. Please enjoy it.

way to participate

① Follow the "@crowdroaster" Instagram account ② Press "Like" on the campaign post Application period: Thursday, August 26, 2021 - Wednesday, September 1, 2021
Result announcement: Winners will be contacted via direct message on Instagram Shipping date: Early September
◇What is the coffee style web magazine "AKATITI"? A web magazine that provides tips and ideas for living a more fulfilling coffee life.

◇What is Panasonic “The Roast”?
You can freely create roasting profiles using a roaster compatible with The Roast Expert and a dedicated app, and enjoy roasting to your liking. It is also useful at roasting shops for sample roasts and product development.

What is “ CROWD ROASTER ”?

This app creates original coffee by freely combining highly rated specialty coffees handled by various coffee trading companies, hard-to-obtain coffee beans that are not generally distributed, and roasters active all over the country. This is a service that can be purchased.

Background of “ CROWD ROASTER ” service provision

It is said that ``good coffee is 80% determined by green beans and roasting.'' By choosing the combination of beans and roasting yourself, you can more consciously find the coffee that suits your tastes and tastes. We launched this service with a dream of such a future.

“ CROWD ROASTER ” app (free distribution)

Compatible OS: Android 9 or above, iOS 12 or above Download URL: