Daito Hagiwara , a roaster from THE COFFEESHOP who spreads the appeal of coffee in various ways, will be participating in CROWD ROASTER !


Daito Hagiwara , a roaster from THE COFFEESHOP , a local favorite in Tomigaya, Tokyo, will be participating in CROWD ROASTER , a cutting-edge online platform that offers an unprecedented coffee experience.

" CROWD ROASTER " is the only app that allows individuals to directly request roasting of their favorite coffee beans from Japan's leading roasters.

Daito Hagiwara , who has been selected to participate in " CROWD ROASTER ", is a roaster at THE COFFEESHOP , located behind the University of Tokyo's Komaba campus, where he roasts and cups many types of specialty coffee every day. With his wealth of experience, he is able to determine the potential of coffee and roast it to bring out its flavor, sweetness, texture, and other unique characteristics to the fullest.

Hagiwara says that his ideal coffee is one that you would want to drink every day. His roasting focuses on sweetness and a clean cup, allowing the coffee beans to fully express their appeal.
The first two types of coffee beans that Hagiwara will try roasting at CROWD ROASTER are "Ortiga Farm, Costa Rica, Anaerobic" and "Kiamabala, Kenya, SL28 , SL34"!

How does Hagiwara roast coffee from Ortiga Farm in Costa Rica, which has a distinctive cinnamon flavor, and Kenyan Kiamabala, which has a refreshing acidity that is typical of Kenya?
Come experience it at CROWD ROASTER .

Comment from Hagiwara : "I aim to roast in a way that brings out the individuality of each variety of coffee bean. I'd love for you to experience with me what I think are the best parts of each coffee bean and what I want you to taste!"


CROWD ROASTER is a unique application that connects top roasters with coffee producers around the world, and coffee lovers who love coffee. As the digital revolution hits coffee distribution, this cutting-edge platform allows you to meet with farms and roasters online, allowing you to enjoy the best coffee.