From Aomori to the world, new roaster Yudai Hashimoto 's drink comparison set is now on sale

COFFEEMAN good To commemorate Yudai Hashimoto 's participation in CROWD ROASTER , a limited quantity of the 3 types of coffee comparison set " COFFEEMAN good BRIDGE BOX" is now available!

This is a 50g x 3 set where you can enjoy 3 types of coffee roasted by Hashimoto , including CROWD ROASTER limited lot coffee from Brazil, which can be enjoyed at different roast levels, and the rare coffee from the Galapagos Islands.

Hashimoto is a small coffee stand located in a shopping district in Aomori City, but with the mission of "Creating a world-class coffee culture from Aomori," he welcomes guests from Japan and abroad. It's so popular that there's always a long line if you open it at a coffee festival.
The shop offers coffee to suit your taste, such as offering the same brand in different degrees of roasting.

These are the two types of coffee beans that Hashimoto roasted for this set.

[SJBA] Brazil San John Grande Farm Bourbon Anaerobic
[GLP] Ecuador La Primavera Farm Typica , Caturra , Saltimol Washed

Bourbon from San John Grande Farm in Brazil was grilled into medium roast and high roast. You can enjoy both a medium roast with more fruit and a high roast with a silky sweetness.

In addition, La Primavera Farm in Ecuador is a rare coffee farm located in the Galapagos Islands. A coffee with flavors such as citrus and brown sugar.

Mr. Hashimoto participates in many competitions and always aims for world standards. We are truly a bridge between Aomori and the world, introducing coffee from around the world and disseminating Aomori's coffee culture to the world.

This is the first special set that connects Mr. Hashimoto and CROWD ROASTER .
We hope you will enjoy the coffee created by this new bridge.

Quantities are limited, so please purchase early.

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2,480 yen (tax included)
Released on March 28, 2024