Future coffee service told by AI (1) AI-equipped coffee mug “TasteTron”

AI will tell you the details of a hypothetical coffee service that your brain can't think of!

We interviewed an AI about a hypothetical coffee service that might come (?) in the future! That's the plan!
This time, it's the AI-equipped coffee mug "TasteTron."

Editorial Department: Thank you for your time today.

Developer: Nice to meet you. We are the developers of TasteTron. Do you have any questions?

Editorial Department: First of all, could you briefly tell us about this service?

Developer: TasteTron is a technology-based coffee service using AI. Coffee mugs can be used to achieve the taste that most closely matches the consumer's preferences. Users can use AI to determine the optimal flavor and brew coffee based on the characteristics of the specific coffee beans extracted by TasteTron. This means that we can provide the optimal taste according to the characteristics of the coffee beans.