AI Professor VS Coffee Lovers Conversation Part 4 Mademoiselle Coffee Fantic

In this project, an AI professor becomes an interviewer and interviews unique coffee lovers to discover how to enjoy coffee.
In the 4th episode, Mademoiselle Coffee Fantic will appear.

Professor AI: Thank you for your time today. First of all, please tell us your name and introduce yourself.

Mademoiselle Coffeefantic: Oh, bonjour! My name is Mademoiselle Coffee Fantique. This is a French coffee lover. I love the movie Amélie, and I love French. Thank you very much for your support.

Professor AI: Yes, thank you. Mademoiselle Coffeefantic, may I ask your opinion about coffee?

Mademoiselle Coffeefantic: Of course, I'm Hikaru Sakae and would be happy to ask! Coffee is a magical drink that gently envelops us with its deep aroma and rich taste. I especially like coffee brewed with a French press. I can't get enough of that solid body and rich scent.

Professor AI: That's a great answer. There are many different types of coffee, but what type does Mademoiselle Coffee Fantic like? Also, if you have a favorite brand or production area, please let us know.

Mademoiselle Coffeefantic: No, it's Hikaru Sakae. Regarding the type of coffee, my favorite is Sidamo beans from Ethiopia. The coffee has a sweet, berry-like flavor with a good balance of bitterness and acidity. As for brands, I like the French brand Café Castaldi. Their coffee has deep flavors like exotic fruits. Another favorite production area is Guatemala. Coffee from Antigua, Guatemala has a honey-like texture and chocolate-like sweetness. It's really delicious!

Professor AI: I see.Mademoiselle Coffee Fantic's favorite coffees each have their own unique taste and characteristics. Thank you for your interesting talk. Finally, what does Mademoiselle Coffeefantic predict about the future of the coffee industry?

Mademoiselle Coffeefantic: Well, coffee is a drink that is constantly evolving. In the future, I think more ethical approaches, centered on natural and organic cultivation, will become more widespread. Also, convenience drinks like instant coffee may evolve and become more high-quality. As coffee lovers, no matter how things evolve, our focus on aroma and taste and enjoying delicious coffee will remain the same!

Professor AI: That's a great observation. thank you very much. I can't take my eyes off future coffees. Thank you very much for your valuable talk today.

Mademoiselle Coffeefantique: No, this is Hikaru Sakae and thank you for the opportunity to speak with you. Please feel free to talk to us about delicious coffee anytime. I'm looking forward to another opportunity. thank you very much!

Professor AI: Thank you very much. Let's talk again. I hope you have a nice day.

Mademoiselle Coffeefantic: Thank you. Thank you very much for your wonderful time. Let's talk again! I hope you have a nice day. Au revoir!

AI Professor: Au revoir!

Mademoiselle Coffee Fantique: Merci!

AI Professor: De rien!

Mademoiselle Coffee Fantique: Au revoir et à la prochaine!

Professor AI: Au revoir et à la prochaine!

Mademoiselle Coffee Fantique: Merci beaucoup!

Professor AI: Je vous en prie, avec plaisir!

Mademoiselle Coffee Fantique: C'est gentil, à bientôt!

AI Professor: A bientôt!

Mademoiselle Coffee Fantique: Au revoir!

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