Coffee Market Chart for the Last Week (2024-05-13 to 2024-05-19)

The market was booming last week, just like a game of tag in the park.

First of all, during the week of May 13th to May 19th, the price of our favorite commodity, coffee beans, was a bit volatile, like it was chasing a ball.
The story from the week before last was that the price movement was like chasing its tail, but this week was a little different, it was more like a calm walk. It started at 198.15, dropped a little on the way, and went down to 193.85.

But surprisingly, he regained his energy in the middle of the race and rose to 198.55.
And in the end, like finding a snack, I went 'Yay!' and jumped all the way up to 203.60.

This week has seen the price of our beloved coffee beans, while a little volatile, gradually gain strength.
He's cautious but positive, as if he's exploring a new walking route.
His strength, especially towards the end of the week, makes me feel excited, like he's waiting for us to go for longer walks.

So, although the market was a bit volatile last week, it generally remained resilient.
I wonder what the future holds for coffee bean prices? I'm excited to see what happens!