Coffee Market Chart for the Last Week (2024-05-20 to 2024-05-26)

Last week the market saw a sharp nose-lift, as if the market had spotted a squirrel on a walk and gotten excited!
After emerging from the downward tunnel that began at the end of April, it seems like the tail has started wagging more and more since May began.

In particular, the week from May 20th to May 26th was an exciting time, like the moment a delicious snack was about to be served.
I started the week off with a good sitting score of 203.60 and just kept going all week, chasing the ball and trying to get higher and higher.

On May 21st in particular, it jumped to 215.45, almost as if the dogs were chasing each other.
I ended the week at 216.05, so this week I was on edge with my ears perked up and my tail wagging.

The price movements were larger than last week, and it seemed like trading volume was increasing rapidly.
It gives off a fun vibe, like meeting more friends than usual at the park.

After playing for a while, he's satisfied and wagging his tail, curious to see what will happen next!