Coffee Market Chart for the Last Week (2024-06-10 to 2024-06-16)

Last week's market left a wonderful mark.

The adventure began on May 20th and started with baby steps but with each passing day, it became bolder leaps.
In particular, on May 28th, it made a big leap from the previous day, reaching 227.10, and continued to rise with its tail wagging in the days that followed.

But something a little odd happened.
It looked like it had peaked on May 31st, but then it calmed down and seemed like it might resume its upward trend.
Between June 3rd and 7th, it showed off some powerful movements, bouncing up and down as if chasing a squirrel.

However, during the week of June 10-16, coffee prices began to calm down, like a nap after a long walk.
This week, the market was unstable and seemed to be moving at a slightly calmer pace than last week.
Looking at the opening and closing prices, the price was slowly dropping, almost like walking down a forest path.
But by the last day of the week, he seemed to have regained some strength, reaching 224.70, as if he had found his favorite tree by sniffing it.

Compared to last week, the price fluctuations were smaller overall, and the movements were more gentle, like a small pebble falling into a still puddle.
So, for us coffee-loving dogs, the week of June 10th-16th was a bit of a respite.

After last week's big adventure it was a good opportunity to take a little breather and prepare for the next big sprint.