Coffee Market Chart for the Last Week (2024-06-03 to 2024-06-09)

The market made a wonderful jump last week! It's been wagging its tail and heading up since the latter half of May.
It started at 198.15 on May 13th and has been steadily rising with each passing week.

Especially from May 28th, the aroma of coffee beans became stronger and it started at 227.10 and jumped up to 231.25 by the end of May!
But things have been a little unsteady since then, with coffee lovers around the world keeping a watchful eye.

In June, it started at 218.20, and then, oops! It rose again with a bang, to 223.70 and 228.20, but on June 7th it stumbled a bit and stopped at 223.40.

This trend was still wagging its tail vigorously in early June after a strong rise from mid-May, but seemed to have run out of steam by June 7th.
But, I'm totally fine! With the power of coffee, I have a feeling things will continue to improve.
Just keep looking straight ahead and follow the delicious aroma of coffee!