To celebrate the participation of roaster Hikaru Ono ( Brewman Tokyo ), the ONO Brew Champion BOX is now on sale!

Thank you very much for your continued patronage and patronage of CROWD ROASTER .

We would like to announce the addition of a new roaster.
We are pleased to announce that roaster Hikaru Ono ( Brewman Tokyo ) will be joining CROWD ROASTER as a new member!

A champion brewer who has been active in Melbourne, Hong Kong and Tokyo

Brewman Tokyo is a beer shop opened in Yoyogi, Tokyo by Hikaru Ono , the 2022 JBrC (Japan Brewers Cup) champion.

Here, Ono not only brews the coffee, but also roasts it himself, pursuing the ideal coffee that is clean, free of impurities, and has a clearly defined flavor.

Ono came across an espresso machine at a restaurant in his hometown of Iwate and decided to become a barista, moving to Melbourne in his twenties to train.
I met partners there and opened a coffee shop in Hong Kong.
He became the Aeropress champion in Hong Kong and competed in the world championships.
After that, he continued to compete in Japanese competitions with Tetsu Kasuya as his coach, and finally won the JBrC 2022.

A balanced flavor, built from the extraction stage

Ono says that the more he understands extraction, the more he comes to believe that roasting is an important process that determines the flavor.
We don't focus on the degree of roasting, but aim to roast the coffee beans to the point where they taste the best.

The eye-catching bright orange roaster is DIEDRICH, which uses infrared roasting.
The rotation speed can be adjusted through customization, and its simple structure makes it easy to use.

Ono .

Ono says that his ideal coffee is one that is free of even the smallest negative aspects and that tastes delicious intuitively. His quest for the perfect coffee brewing and roasting continues.

Special tasting set to celebrate participation now on sale!

To commemorate the participation of roaster Hikaru Ono ( Brewman Tokyo ), we will start selling a limited number of "ONO Brew Champion BOX" tasting sets (50g x 3 brands)!

This is the first ever tasting set from CROWD ROASTER , packed with Ono 's attention to detail.

This time, we carefully considered the compatibility between Ono and the brands and selected three unique brands.

The three brands that were selected are: "CSRT: Colombia/El Paraiso Farm/ Castillo /Double Anaerobic Rose Tea", "ETH: Panama/Kotwa Farm/Ethiopia/Natural", and " SL28 : El Salvador/Hota Hill Selection Center/ SL28 /Washed".
We have prepared a tasting set that features different varieties, selections, and countries of origin.

The other day, we held a cupping session of the roasted beans we received from Ono at our management office. While we were able to fully enjoy the individual characteristics of each brand, we were also able to sense the many flavors brought out by Ono 's roasting technique, and we were able to taste the negative-free coffee that Ono aims to provide.

This set has been named the "ONO Brew Champion BOX," reflecting the idea of ​​roasting the coffee by working backwards from Ono 's brewing process.
As the name suggests, experience the top-class coffee that can only be created by the Japan Brewer Champion.

[CSRT], as its name suggests, is characterized by its rosehip-like flavor and rich peach-like sweetness.
[ETH] is truly strawberry! You can also taste the aroma of cocoa in the aftertaste, which gives it a complex impression.
[ SL28 ] has a berry-like flavor as its core, and you can also enjoy a fresh taste reminiscent of orange.
With each brand, you can enjoy the unique flavor of the coffee, the taste created by Ono 's roasting techniques, and the many other flavors that overflow.
We are offering a limited number of these special packages, so please purchase them and enjoy the brimming flavor of the coffee roasted by Ono .

【Description of item】
■ONO Brew Champion BOX
・Sales price: 2,480 yen (tax included)
・Contents: 50g x 3 bags, total 150g (roasted beans)
*This is not a regular roast event item, but an item that can be purchased immediately.