Eiji Dobashi roaster ( ignis ), who is creating a new standard for coffee, will be joining us!

We have decided that Eiji Dobashi roaster ( ignis ) will be participating as a new member of CROWD ROASTER .
Yanaka is a downtown area in Tokyo that still has a quaint streetscape.
Did you know that Japan's most cutting-edge coffee shop is nestled in the old-fashioned shopping district of Yanaka?
ignis is a top-of-the-top coffee specialty store that attracts coffee lovers.

Mr. Eiji Dobashi , owner of ignis , barista and roaster, will be participating in CROWD ROASTER !

Dobashi says he has never participated in any other coffee-related services or apps.
I'm looking forward to seeing what he'll do with CROWD ROASTER .

Creating a new standard for coffee shops

At ignis , we always carry dozens of nanolot brands, including auction lots that Mr. Dobashi ordered based on his curiosity.

"I don't think about whether it will sell or not. It's an industry where new things are created every year, so I just want to try something new. I'm curious, right? If there's a great bean, I'll definitely buy it no matter how much it costs. I want to try it. Isn’t everyone like that?”

On full moon nights when ignis is open late at night, Dobashi 's fans flock to the store in hopes of encountering rare lots that can only be found here.

Other than black coffee, Dobashi only offers original menu items created from scratch. Noir, a fake cafe mocha that does not use chocolate, and spherical coffee jelly served in cocktail glasses have received attention from the media.
Dobashi 's goal is to create a new standard for coffee shops.
``Everyone says that you can't sell coffee for less than 500 yen, but I believe that if it's good, you can sell it for 10,000 yen.In fact, within a few months of starting roasting, I started working at Gesha Village in Ethiopia. I sold it at an auction and sold it for 10,000 yen.If it doesn't sell, there's no future for the coffee industry, so I want to destroy the business model of selling cheap coffee myself.''

Dobashi is constantly pursuing new forms of coffee without being bound by conventional wisdom.

CROWD ROASTER × Dobashi special BOX too

Mr. Dobashi studied at world barista champion Paul Bassett's shop and joined the famous restaurant GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS in Jimbocho, Tokyo from its inception.

Mr. Dobashi taught himself how to roast, and now he roasts all the Top Lot brands sold at ignis himself.
Mr. Dobashi , who roasts small batches, uses a small roasting machine called ``aillio.'' We roast with an eye toward total balance, including texture and length of aftertaste.
At CROWD ROASTER , we are preparing a special box where you can enjoy extremely rare and special brands roasted by Dobashi that even Dobashi has never encountered before.

Always aiming to provide new experiences, Dobashi , who works with a variety of rare green beans from around the world, and CROWD ROASTER , which is revolutionizing the coffee industry, create coffee that is unique to this place.

Details about Dobashi 's appearance on the app and the special BOX will be announced in the future, so please look forward to it!