Very popular at coffee events nationwide! Roaster Yoshiya Yamazaki ( ETHICUS ) is participating!

Yoshiya Yamazaki , owner and roaster of ETHICUS , a coffee roasting shop in Shizuoka city, will be joining CROWD ROASTER as a new roaster!

After working in real estate and the logistics industry, Yamazaki worked at Segafredo Zanetti Espresso for around 10 years before opening ETHICUS in Shizuoka City in May 2018. In an eye-catching space with a stylish laboratory-like design, the shop values ​​the freshness of light roasts close to that of raw beans, delivering a cup of coffee with deep flavor and rich aroma.

The company opened its second store, ETHICUS Euphrainoo, and its third store, ETHICUS Theleema, in Shizuoka City, and currently operates three stores.
We constantly receive requests to set up booths at coffee festivals and coffee events all over the country, and the Ethos name is known among coffee lovers across the country.

Make a cup that will inspire a story


This is ETHOS's manufacturing philosophy.
Yamazaki , who is originally from Shizuoka, a tea-producing region, uses the delicate palate he developed from drinking green tea to create coffee that does not have a simple, obvious flavor. Rather, he creates a cup that is like tasting water, and that allows you to imagine a story about how the coffee reached your mouth.

The roaster is the "LORING S-15 Falcon"

The roaster is the "LORING S-15 Falcon." Because it roasts using only convection heat, there is no need to consider the effects of conduction and convection heat on the coffee, making it easier to imagine the changes in the structure of the coffee beans during the roasting process.

"When roasting, I imagine adding heat while imagining the structural changes to the beans, but in fact, from the moment I started, I realized my 'ideal roast', and it feels like that ideal is being updated every time. The feeling is the same whether I use high-quality ingredients or not, and I serve my customers the best I can every time.

The roasting process is also important, but we put the most effort into sorting, which is the refining process after roasting. When you think of a cup of coffee, it is made up of every single coffee bean, so we make sure to completely remove anything that has a negative effect by hand.”

When Yamazaki talks about it, his roasting style gives the impression of a beautiful light roast.
However, Yamazaki , who pursued espresso at Segafredo, also has a deep knowledge of dark roasts, and he specializes in both light roast (light roast), full city roast, and French roast (dark roast).

They will also be accepting roasting events where you can request both light and dark roasts!
At CROWD ROASTER , we have prepared a special set that allows you to enjoy Yamazaki 's roasts in both light and dark roasts.
Details of the set, which will also include new brands, will be announced in the future, so please look forward to it!