Aomori's popular shop COFFEEMAN good Yudai Hashimoto joins CROWD ROASTER


Yudai Hashimoto , a new member of CROWD ROASTER , is the owner of a small coffee stand called `` COFFEEMAN good '' in a shopping district in Aomori City.

This store's concept is "a community stand that connects through coffee."

It has been seven years since Mr. Hashimoto returned to his hometown of Aomori and started running the business with his wife, and now it is not only well-loved by the locals, but also attracts many visitors from all over Japan and overseas. We are creating a new community.

Even before returning home, Hashimoto has been participating in coffee competitions and acquiring qualifications, and has twice advanced to the finals of the Japan AeroPress Championship, placing first in Tohoku in 2018 and third in Japan, and second place in 2022. I am. In 2020, we became the first Aomori City resident to obtain the international coffee qualification "Q grader."

The shop mainly sells coffee from producers in Bolivia and Peru, South America, which he himself has visited. There are various varieties such as Geisha , Bourbon , Caturra , and Catuai, and the production process is also diverse. Even coffee from the same producing country can have a variety of flavors depending on the farm environment, the producer's innovation, roasting and extraction methods.

In addition, with the mission of "Creating a world-class coffee culture from Aomori," we are also developing a variety of original drinks with the theme of "fusion of Aomori ingredients and specialty coffee." We are creating opportunities to enjoy specialty coffee from a unique perspective, such as ``Aomori Cassis and Orange Coffee Tonic'' and ``Tsugaru Miso Caramel Cappuccino.''

Introducing Giesen 15kg pot and aiming for higher quality roasting

Mr. Hashimoto was active as a barista in Tokyo and Yokohama. At first, they purchased roasted beans, but they wanted to learn more about roasting and green beans, so they started roasting their own beans. Starting in March 2024, we will be introducing a 15 kg pot made by Giesen in the Netherlands, aiming for even higher quality roasting.

I chose Giesen because it has a high heat retention capacity and the roasted coffee taste often fits my personal tastes.
Giesen has a high degree of freedom in terms of controlling heat, drum rotation speed, and adjusting exhaust volume, allowing for a wide variety of flavors to be created and the ability to roast in a wider range, expanding the range of proposals that can be made. Masu.

When we roast beans, we want to enjoy the taste of the finished roasted beans, try out different roasting methods, and have a little adventure.

Roasting is the “passing on of the baton” from producers.

Hashimoto believes that roasting is "passing the baton" from the producer to the barista. As a barista, I work in stores to suggest coffee from producers that closely match the taste customers are looking for, and I enjoy working with them to discover what they like.

Regarding my preferred roast, I find that all roasts, from light to dark, are equally delicious, but I prefer coffee that has a soft, round liquid that gives me the feeling of being enveloped in gentleness. It is said that the appeal is that the individuality of the roaster is reflected in the ingredients and is reflected in the taste.

Now you can enjoy coffee roasted by Hashimoto at CROWD ROASTER .
Why not request that your favorite brand be roasted for you?