Panama Coffee Roasting Champion Shinya Kobayashi Roasters Prestigious Altieri Geisha


To commemorate Shinya Kobayashi a roaster from Fukui's specialty coffee shop "Wakoya," participating in CROWD ROASTER , a luxurious tasting set called "Limited Panama Box 2 feat. Shinya Kobayashi " has been released.

The last time CROWD ROASTER introduced the Limited Panama Box, a set of three varieties of Panama's top-quality coffee that is hard to obtain, it became a huge hit and sold out immediately.

For the second part of this series, we will be offering a set of three 30g varieties of top quality Panamanian coffee, including the hard-to-find Geisha , roasted by Shinya Kobayashi , winner of a Panamanian coffee roasting competition.

This is a limited quantity set available at a special price for a limited time only, so don't miss out!

Kobayashi has a track record of winning two categories, the Geisha and Traditional, at the PCRC (Panama Coffee Roasting Competition), a roasting competition exclusively for Panamanian coffee, which was held for the first time in 2023.

You can enjoy the excellent quality of Panama Geisha , roasted by Mr. Kobayashi , whose roasting techniques were highly praised by the judges.

Famous farms that are regulars at Best of Panama (BoP) gather together

Continuing from the previous edition, this Limited Panama Box 2 offers the luxury of comparing three brands of coffee produced by Panama's leading farms, which have won multiple awards at the international coffee competition Best of Panama.

The lineup includes the rare "Altieri Geisha Washed," which is the highlight of this event, as well as three other brands: "Hartman Farms Chichogallo Honey" and "Kotwa Farms Ethiopian Native Natural."

This set allows you to fully enjoy the unique coffees from three very famous farms!
Enjoy the refined, top quality Panamanian coffee.

A special Geisha carefully selected by farm owner Mr. Altieri!

From Altieri, we bring you the finest Geisha , selected by farm owner Eugene Altieri.

Lot name: Geisha , Washed Traditional (No Ferment) Dilgo lot 90+

The prestigious Altieri Farm has two farms in Boquete, where they cultivate Geisha , Typica , and Catuai. Located in a location blessed with a natural environment, 70% of the cherries harvested are dried in the sun on African beds. They are then dried and aged slowly over time in a strictly controlled dark room. This allows a unique, deep, rich flavor to emerge. Altieri's Geisha is currently attracting attention from all over the world and is difficult to obtain.

We deliver carefully selected Geisha Washed coffee from such farms.
The flavors are sweet pine, plum, and sweet lemon. In addition to the citrus and floral notes characteristic of Geisha , you can also feel the complex flavor of these sweet fruits.

"Chichogaro" by the Hartman Family, winner of BOP 2023

The second brand we have prepared is Hartman Family Coffee, which won the Variety category at Best of Panama 2023.

Hartman is a family farm in Santa Clara, in the Renacimiento region of western Panama, that has been growing coffee for three generations.
Since our founding, we have placed great importance on "growing coffee in harmony with nature," and we grow coffee with harmony with the environment in mind.

In 2020, they won the Geisha category at Best of Panama, and in 2021 their Geisha Natural came in second and their Washed came in third, making them a brand that boasts unshakable quality in Panama.

And in 2023, they won the championship with "Chichogallo" from the family farm Mi Finquita.
"Chichogallo" is the nickname given to the Ethiopian species that Hartman brought over.

This set includes honey processed "Chichogallo" grown on the Hartman Farm.
The flavors are green apple, sweet almond, and black tea. With a black tea-like aroma and a balance of fruitiness and sweetness, this is a wonderful coffee that will brighten up your days.

Cotowa, a famous Panamanian farm with over 100 years of history

The third brand is coffee from Cotowa, a representative farm in Panama with over 100 years of history.

The current owner of the farm, Ricardo Coyner, is the fourth generation of the family and is highly regarded around the world as a leader in specialty coffee cultivation in Panama. He has won numerous awards at various competitions and the name "Cotowa" is known worldwide.
This time, we are delivering "Ethiopian original/natural" coffee.
He inherited 166 Ethiopian wild varieties that were being cultivated at CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research Center) in Panama, and began cultivating them in order to select varieties that would suit his own farm. This coffee is a collection of these harvested Ethiopian wild varieties.

Flavors include brown sugar, lemongrass, and black tea.
This is a distinctive coffee that also has an exotic impression.
Please enjoy the unique flavor that only Kotowa Farm can create.

This luxurious set of top quality Panamanian coffee and crafted by a champion roaster is available in limited quantities, so don't miss out!

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Limited Panama Box 2 feat. Shinya Kobayashi
30g x 3 types
¥2,980 (tax included)