Sapporo-based "dark roast poster child" Marley Manabu Narita joins CROWD ROASTER


Coffee & Chocolate Marley is a coffee shop located in Susukino, Sapporo. The shop is popular for its carefully selected specialty coffee roasted in-house and chocolate made with home-roasted cocoa beans. The owner and roaster, Manabu Narita , will be participating in CROWD ROASTER .

Manabu Narita opened Marley after four years of training at Miyakoshiya Coffee, a long-established coffee shop that originated in Sapporo. He is particular about the sweetness that comes from dark roasting, and serves specialty coffee, which is mostly light roasted, with a classic Sapporo-like taste using a strong undertone of French roast.

A Sapporo classic! Delivering the unique taste of French roast

Regarding roasting, Narita explained that it is a way of expressing the service and value that he provides to customers through coffee and allowing them to enjoy it. He prefers to roast coffee that has a good balance of acidity and bitterness, as well as a full body and sweetness that gives it a strong coffee flavor.

The degree of roasting is adjusted to the beans, but even if it is light, it is still French roast. By roasting specialty coffee beans a little more than light roasts to bring out the undertones, it is said that you can enjoy a wide range of flavors, from clean acidity to a strong coffee flavor.

The roaster we use is the Tokyo Sanki Kogyo TG-2, which we have been using for the past eight years. It is a small, easy-to-use semi-hot air roaster that allows us to precisely adjust the heat and exhaust.
Its advantages are its size, which is ideal for roasting in-store, the strength of its small industrial motor, and its small size, which makes it easy to control the temperature inside the oven.

Here are some more comments from Narita .
"I hope you enjoy this coffee that has a full body and sweetness that really brings out the flavor of coffee, as well as the depth of the Sapporo classic dark roast coffee!
Marley 's coffee has been in business as a smoking shop for 14 years, so we recommend pairing it with cigars or tobacco!

To commemorate our participation, we will be selling a tasting set of coffee roasted by Narita from June 27th, 2024.

The carefully roasted coffee beans by Narita will be delivered to coffee lovers across the country via CROWD ROASTER .
Don't miss this opportunity to fully enjoy the taste of "Sapporo Classic"!

<Store Information>
Marley Main Store: 10 Minami 5-jo Nishi 5-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Marley East Store: 2F Lydia Building, 8-9 Minami 4-jo Nishi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido