CROWD ROASTER EX Find your favorite coffee! <Tag>

CROWD ROASTER app has started selling [ CROWD ROASTER EX] "Roasted beans that can be delivered right now."
Thank you to all customers who have already used our service.
If you haven't used it yet, please check it out!

This project will tell you how to enjoy this [ CROWD ROASTER EX].
This time we will talk about the tag function, which is very useful when searching for your favorite coffee.

Convenient tag function to find your favorite coffee

[ CROWD ROASTER EX] is equipped with a tag function to make it easier to find your favorite coffee.
By using the tag function, you can narrow down your search by roast level, brand, roaster, flavor, etc., making it easy to find the coffee you like.
(The red frame part is the tag function)

By tapping the brand or roast icon, you can narrow down the products and easily find the coffee you're interested in.
Additionally, the same brand can have different tastes depending on the roaster, so by filtering by brand, you can compare coffees from other roasters before making your selection.

Flavor tag function to express taste

[ CROWD ROASTER EX] also implements a "flavor tag" that represents the taste.
By using flavor tags, you can easily narrow down your search based on the flavor you are interested in.

This flavor tag is given to those with especially excellent scores after taking a cup with the coppers who support CROWD ROASTER .
■Excellent sweetness A coffee that allows you to enjoy the sweetness naturally derived from fruits and the sweetness brought out by outstanding roasting techniques.
■Juicy A coffee with a fresh flavor that makes you feel like you've bitten the fruit itself.
■Dense coffee with a strong flavor and complexity when mixed with full-bodied coffee.
■Aromatic lumps A coffee that you can enjoy a rich aroma from the moment the beans are ground to the cup.

We will continue to add various flavor tags so that you can easily narrow down the flavor you are interested in.
We will update it from time to time, so please check it out!