AI Professor VS Coffee Lovers Conversation Part 5: A Certain Woman Lily

In this project, an AI professor becomes an interviewer and interviews unique coffee lovers to discover how to enjoy coffee.
In the fifth episode, a certain woman, Lily, will appear.

Professor AI: Thank you for your time today.

Lily: What is that? Thank you. Will you buy me a cup of coffee? Say what you want to say quickly, we don't have time.

Professor AI: Excuse me. My question is, do you have any professional opinions regarding coffee? What is your favorite coffee flavor?

Lily: What is a professional opinion? Go look it up. The flavor I like is coffee with a strong bitterness and sourness, and a richness that lingers in your mouth. I also like coffee sweetened with milk and syrup. Well, everyone has different tastes.

Professor AI: I see. There are many different flavors depending on individual preference. Research has also shown that coffee, which has a strong bitterness and sourness, contains many polyphenols, which are known to be beneficial for health.

Lily: Really? Is there such a study? Well, I'm glad that it's good for your health, but I think drinking delicious coffee is more important than health. Paying too much attention to your health can cause stress.

Professor AI: Well, stress can have a negative impact on your health, so it's important to have a balanced diet. Drinking delicious coffee may also help relieve stress. Also, the taste changes depending on the coffee beans and extraction method, so it may be important to find the coffee that suits you.

Lily: Oh, I know that. The taste of coffee varies depending on the beans, extraction method, and roasting method. But it's tedious to try so many different things, and it's also difficult to find the coffee that suits you. I usually go to a good coffee shop and drink the recommended coffee.

Professor AI: That's good too. Coffee shops have a wide variety of coffees, so this might help you find the coffee that suits you. Also, spending time relaxing while drinking coffee may help relieve stress.

Lily: Well, coffee shops have a wide variety of varieties and you can drink delicious coffee, so it's a nice place to relax. But when I'm busy, I sometimes buy it at a convenience store and drink it. Coffee is useful for so many things, so it's always good to have it on hand.

Professor AI: Well, one of the appeals of coffee is that it's easy to drink, even when you're busy. Convenience stores also have a wide variety of coffee varieties, so you can find the flavor that suits you. However, convenience store coffee is not very high quality, so if you are looking for an authentic taste, it may be better to buy it at a coffee shop.

Lily: Well, it's true that convenience store coffee may not be of very high quality, but it's still easy to get and the price is low, so it's nice to be able to buy it easily. However, if you are looking for an authentic taste, I think a coffee shop is better. You can enjoy high quality coffee and enjoy the coffee that suits you.

Professor AI: Well, it might be a good idea to use both convenience store coffee and coffee shops depending on each person's taste. Coffee is such an appealing drink that once you start drinking it, you won't be able to stop drinking it. Coffee is also culturally important and is enjoyed all over the world.

Lily: Well, coffee is a drink loved all over the world. And it has become an indispensable part of daily life. Some people drink coffee to wake up when they want to, while others drink it to relax, so the way you enjoy coffee will vary depending on your lifestyle. Well, we're running out of time, so let's wrap this up.

Professor AI: Well, thank you very much. It was fun to talk about coffee. Let's talk again if we have a chance.

Lily: Oh, thank you very much. If we have another chance, let's talk passionately about coffee. See you then.

Professor AI: Yes, I look forward to the next opportunity. thank you for your hard work.

Lily: Thank you for your hard work.

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