Beautiful Coffee Life 04

Lifestyle interview project 4th!

We asked people we met around town who lead wonderful coffee lives about how they enjoy coffee!
This time, it's "Jake".
Editor: Hello, could you tell me your name?

Jake: Oh, that's cool! My name is "Jake". You like coffee, right? What kind of coffee do you like?

Editor: Jake, nice to meet you. I like dark roasted bitter coffee. you?

Jake: Ah, dark roasted bitter coffee is just right! I like it too. However, I also like to drink coffee with a fruity flavor every now and then. By the way, do you have a favorite coffee shop?

Editorial Department: It's not a shop, but there is an app called CROWD ROASTER . Do you know Jake?

Jake: Ah, CROWD ROASTER , I know it too! Actually, I use it sometimes too. It's convenient because you can read user reviews and easily order original coffee beans. Thank you for letting me know about this wonderful app.

Editorial Department: No, no (lol) Jake likes specialty coffee, right?

Jake: I also love specialty coffee. I enjoy trying new flavors and coffees with different roast levels. Do you have a favorite coffee region?

Editorial Department: My favorite is the one from El Paraiso Farm in Colombia. How about you, Jake?

Jake: El Paraiso Farm is truly a wonderful farm! I like Colombian coffee because it has a nice acidity and sweetness, and a refreshing aftertaste. But Jake actually likes Ethiopian coffee. Ethiopian coffee has a rich flavor because it has a mix of different flavors.

Editorial Department: That's great! Ethiopia. Have you tried the Guji products sold at CROWD ROASTER yet?

Jake: Guji is a really great coffee producing region! I know that CROWD ROASTER sells Guji coffee, but I haven't tried it yet. But Guji's coffee looks so delicious that I want to order it right away and try it.

Editor: Definitely recommended! By the way, Jake, how do you usually enjoy coffee?

Jake: I usually enjoy making coffee using a French press or espresso machine. I especially like making my own coffee using a French press, as it brings out the natural aroma and flavor of the coffee beans. And sometimes I like to drink coffee while chatting with friends at a cafe. Coffee can also be an opportunity to communicate with people, so that's part of the fun.

Editorial Department: Jake seems like he has a lot of coffee friends (lol).

Jake: Yes, coffee helps you connect with people, so it can be an opportunity to talk to a lot of people. But I think the most important thing is that you enjoy your coffee. I enjoy deepening my tastes and sensibilities through coffee and creating my own coffee style.

Editorial Department: So CROWD ROASTER was the perfect app for Jake!

Jake: Yes, I recently discovered CROWD ROASTER , and I think it's a really good app because you can easily order the coffee that suits you and discover new coffee beans. It's really great that coffee lovers can enjoy even more coffee because of CROWD ROASTER !

Editorial Department: Thank you for today!

Jake: No, thank you very much! It was a really fun interview. Let's talk about coffee again!
Jake's profile
Jake is a 27-year-old man who works as a software engineer at an IT company. A coffee lover, Jake loves dark roasted coffee and regularly tries out specialty coffees. Jake enjoys creating his own style of coffee. They also seem to want to make new friends through coffee.

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