New feature for roast event, it is now possible to request roast level

CROWD ROASTER is a service that was created to make things possible that have never been possible before and to discover new ways to enjoy coffee.
For example, with CROWD ROASTER app, you can request a roaster to roast your favorite brand of coffee.
We would like to introduce a new feature added to this roast request = roast event.

A roast event where you can enjoy even more customization!

A new feature has been added to the roast event!
The feature is that it is now possible to specify a desired roasting level.
(As usual, there is a possibility that the event will be canceled)

Previously, users could request their desired roast level from roasters in the notes section, but now users can easily request their desired roast level and order a roast event with just one button. It is now possible.

With the addition of this new feature, we will be able to deepen communication with roasters even further.
Of course, you cannot place an order that deviates greatly from the roaster's style, but if you want to try a different flavor than usual, please try ordering according to the roast level displayed.

Even with the same brand that you have repeated over and over again, a completely different new world may open up to you.

You can choose from a total of 9 roast levels: ``Leave it to the roaster'' and ``8 types from light to Italian.''
You can choose to leave it to the roaster and enjoy the coffee at the roaster's best roast level, or you can choose your own roast level and enjoy more customization. I think it's interesting.
*You can indicate your desired roast level from the green frame.

Why not create your own custom coffee by combining your favorite brand, roaster, and roast level at a roast event with even more customization?

Please use this feature and enjoy CROWD ROASTER even more!