"Roast event" where you can get once-in-a-lifetime coffee

CROWD ROASTER is a service that was created to make things possible that have never been possible before and to discover new ways to enjoy coffee.

For example, with CROWD ROASTER app, you can request a roaster to roast your favorite brand of coffee.

We would like to introduce CROWD ROASTER 's most distinctive and unique roast request event.

If this roaster roasts that coffee...

At home-roasted coffee shops, roasters and quality control managers assess the coffee brands they carry based on a variety of factors and decide on the shop's lineup. Then, great coffee that matches the store's policy will be displayed at the store.

However, I wondered what kind of flavor the coffee brand I had at another shop would taste when finished by our roasters...I wondered if this roaster could make that wish come true. This was really the first opportunity for me to start a system for requesting roasts.

Our services include the technology of roasting, which has not been focused on until now, the individuality of roasters, the ability to more consciously search for the coffee of your choice, and the ability to improve coffee traceability. I have various thoughts, such as wanting to make things clearer, etc., but when it comes to requesting roasting, it all started out of a certain kind of selfishness (believing that there are people who would agree with me).

How roasting requests work

Now, when you try to have a roaster roast a certain brand of coffee, one of the problems is the amount of coffee to be roasted.

The commercial roasters operated by roasters roast at least kilograms at a time (this is called one batch).

CROWD ROASTER is a service that allows users to request roasting for themselves. However, buying kilos of coffee on your own can be quite a hurdle (but if you buy a whole batch, a roaster will roast it just for you).

Therefore, we created a system that allows other users to participate in roasting requests made by one user.
We decided to call this roasting request a "roast event."

In other words, a roast event is one in which a user (sometimes a roaster) requests a roaster to roast a certain brand of coffee, and other users are invited to participate. .

There is a recruitment amount (usually one batch) set by the roaster for each event, such as 2kg or 5kg, so if that number of participants gather, the recruitment for the roast event will end and coffee roasting will begin. will be done.

“Once-in-a-lifetime” coffee

The advantage of using this form is that there is no loss of coffee beans. The precious coffee beans that the producers have made with great care are roasted exactly as requested, so no beans go to waste.

For those who participated in the roast event, the coffee you can get at this event is a one-time only coffee that may never be the same again.
The roaster adjusts the roast level and flavor and roasts for the users participating in the event.

Even with the same combination of beans and roaster, the degree of roasting may change at the next roast event, and some roasters may try to achieve a slightly different finish the next time.

We would like you to know that the coffee that you can get by launching and participating in roast events is a unique coffee that is made to order and may only be available once. I think.
We will continue to introduce the many charms of CROWD ROASTER in future articles!
If you are interested, please download the CROWD ROASTER app.