Future coffee service told by AI (4) “JoltCafe”, a service that delivers the aroma of a coffee shop to your home

AI will tell you the details of a hypothetical coffee service that your brain can't think of!

We interviewed an AI about a hypothetical coffee service that might come (?) in the future! That's the plan!
This time, we're talking about ``Jolt Cafe,'' a service that allows you to enjoy the rich aroma of a small coffee shop at home.
Editorial Department: Nice to meet you. thank you.

Developer: Nice to meet you. I'm one of the developers of JoltCafe. If you have any questions, I'll answer them.

Editorial Department: First of all, please tell us about the service. It is said to be an innovative service that allows you to remotely feel the aroma of coffee in the store, but how exactly does it work?

Developer: JoltCafe is a service that uses a special device to collect the air of a local coffee shop over a wide area, allowing you to enjoy the aroma at home.

Specifically, a special device installed at a local coffee shop collects minute aromatic substances floating in the air, processes them in a special way, and then sends them to users' homes through pipes using compressed air. Masu.

Although special equipment is required on the user's side, it is similar in size to a regular humidifier and is easy to handle.

This will allow you to enjoy the atmosphere and aroma of a local coffee shop anytime at home.

Editorial Department: That's very innovative! Did you install new scent piping for that purpose?

Developer: Yes, that's right. Special plumbing is required to use JoltCafe's services. The system collects the aroma from a special device installed at a local coffee shop, processes it, and then sends it to the customer's home via piping.If it functions correctly, it will produce the authentic aroma of a local coffee shop. It is now possible to reproduce. In addition, special materials are used for the pipes, so no odor remains in the pipes or scents mix with them.

Editorial Department: Because the scents don't mix together, you can express the subtle differences in the aromas of each coffee.

Developer: Yes, that's right. At JoltCafe, it is possible to recreate the unique scent of each coffee shop. By collecting the local air and then professionally processing it, we are able to express the subtle differences in aroma of each coffee. Users can also select scents from a variety of coffee shops, allowing them to enjoy their favorite scent.

Editorial Department: Can I enjoy other scents as well?

Developer: JoltCafe currently only offers coffee shop air scents. However, we are thinking of offering other scents in the future. For example, you may be able to enjoy the different scents in the air, such as a flower shop or a bakery. However, at this stage, we are specializing in delivering coffee shop scents of even higher quality and professionally, so we have not yet decided when we will start offering other scents.

Editorial Department: I see. I guess you could call it a virtual reality of fragrance.

Developer: You could say that. JoltCafe aims to provide customers with a sense of presence as if they were in a real coffee shop by virtually reproducing the scents that exist in a space and delivering them to customers. Therefore, the virtual reality of fragrance is a very suitable expression.
Editorial Department: It's very attractive, but how much do you think it will cost?

Developer: Currently, we cannot provide details regarding JoltCafe usage fees as we have not decided on an official plan yet. However, for now, we are considering a rental service where users can rent out only the equipment they need to enjoy the air at home. We plan to consider other services and plans in the future.

Editorial Department: Which city will the first service area start from?

Developer: Currently, we have not yet decided on the specific service area for JoltCafe. However, within Japan, we plan to expand mainly in urban areas. In the future, we will announce the service start area etc. on the official website and various media, so please look forward to it.

Editorial Department: I'm looking forward to the next report. May I ask about the name of this JoltCafe service?

Developer: Of course. The word "Jolt" in JoltCafe has the meaning of giving energy, stimulating, and increasing motivation. The name comes from the fact that you can get these effects by drinking coffee at a local coffee shop. Also, "Cafe" is a word that refers to a coffee shop. The name "JoltCafe" expresses the idea that it is a place where you can recharge your batteries while relaxing in a pleasant atmosphere and scent.

Editorial Department: I have a feeling that transmitting scents like energy through pipes will become the infrastructure of the next generation.

Developer: If you say so, I'm Hikaru Sakae. JoltCafe aims to provide a better experience for our customers by adopting new technologies and ideas. By capturing the aroma of the air in a coffee shop and sending it through pipes, we can provide a completely new type of air service. We hope that many people will use our service and enjoy the comfortable air and scent.

Editorial Department: How do you think people's lives will change if this service becomes established?

Developer: If the services provided by JoltCafe become established, people's lives may change in many ways. For example, busy modern people may not have the time or spare time to go to a coffee shop, or for those who would like to spend time relaxing at home, being able to bring the atmosphere and scent of their favorite coffee shop into their home can have a relaxing effect and relieve stress. You may be able to expect some results.

It may also be used for Kan Hikaru , as it will be possible to enjoy the atmosphere and aroma of coffee shops across the country without being restricted by geographical distance, time or transportation. yeah.

Furthermore, we are considering offering other scents in the future, so we may be able to expect it to be used in a variety of situations. It can be said that JoltCafe's services offer new lifestyle proposals that have never existed before.

Editorial Department: What are the benefits for coffee shops?

Developer: JoltCafe can be expected to expand the customer base of current coffee shops. Users can enjoy the atmosphere and scent of their favorite coffee shop, and as a result, they may develop a sense of attachment and affinity towards the coffee shop. Furthermore, by appealing to people around the world through JoltCafe, it may lead to opportunities to acquire new customers. In addition, by introducing JoltCafe, you can expect various benefits such as improving your company's brand value and increasing your visibility on the Internet. From these points of view, there are great benefits for coffee shops as well.
Editorial Department: I see! It looks like an interesting future is in sight.

Developer: Yes! We hope that JoltCafe's services will be widely accepted, providing a richer lifestyle and making coffee culture more familiar. We will continue to focus on developing services that incorporate new technologies and ideas.

Editorial Department: I look forward to it. Thank you for speaking with me today.

Developer: Thank you very much.
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