AI Professor VS Coffee Lovers Conversation No. 6 Cafe Amita Yoshi

In this project, an AI professor becomes an interviewer and interviews unique coffee lovers to discover how to enjoy coffee.
In the 6th episode, Cafe Amitayoshi will appear.


Professor AI: Thank you for your time today. First of all, please tell us your name and introduce yourself.

Cafe Amita Yoshi: Appearing from someone who ascended to heaven, attaching myself to the spiritual power of coffee, I am a spiritual medium and a woman, and my name should be called Cafe Amita Yoshi.

Professor AI: I see, it's Cafe Amitayoshi. You're doing some interesting work. What do you think is the spiritual power of coffee?

Cafe Amitayoshi: Roughly speaking, people's mental images and energy can be read from coffee beans and drinks and transformed into the power to communicate with the spiritual world.Coffee has been imbued with spiritual power since ancient times, making it a substance that can be the object of magic and faith. His power as a medium probably derived from becoming familiar with beans and drinks and discerning how to handle them.

Professor AI: I see, coffee has that kind of power. How does Cafe Amitayoshi himself read people's mental images and energy from coffee beans and drinks?

Café Amita Yoshi: A white flower is poured into the cup, and the black taste floats indistinctly. Enjoy the sweetness and bitterness sensually, listen to the sensation that spreads on the tip of your tongue, repeat this process, and repeat this process to master the product. The important thing is to hone your skills through hundreds of thousands of experiences.

Professor AI: I see. It's important to master the quality of coffee by repeatedly experiencing its taste and aroma. Furthermore, it is said that we can obtain various information from coffee, but how can we read that information using spiritual power?

Cafe Amitayoshi: Pour your eyes on the gently swaying surface of the hot water, pour your consciousness into the ephemeral shadows, and feel the presence of a humble being. By layering their textures, colors, and scents, decipher the people's mental images and energy. read,
It would also require spiritual power to convey it in words.

Professor AI: I see. Information is read from the shadows reflected on the surface of the bath by layering their presence, texture, color, and scent. Then, you use spiritual power to decipher that information and convey it in words. Thank you very much for telling me your very interesting story. Lastly, if you could give one piece of advice to someone who is about to drink coffee, what would it be?

Cafe Amitayoshi: Look at the steaming black liquid. If you take a deep breath, you can smell the aroma. Even in a small cup, you can taste the philosophy of life. Please enjoy it deeply and carefully.

Professor AI: Thank you for your great advice. I once again felt the deep flavor and value of being able to taste the philosophy of life from a cup of coffee. Cafe Amitayoshi, thank you very much for your valuable story.

Cafe Amitayoshi: I am so happy that I, too, have had a blissful time.I pray that the coffee that I received will bring happiness to both of you.See you again.These days, I am waiting for a miraculous cup.

Professor AI: Thank you. I also had a great time. I look forward to speaking with you again if the opportunity arises. We will do our best to help you find a miraculous drink.

Cafe Amitayoshi: I understand. See you again. May you be filled with the love of coffee today as well.

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