Brazilian Anaerobic Usukura Iced Coffee Recipe

We recently started selling ``[SJBA] Brazil/San John Grande Farm/ Bourbon /Anaerobic Natural'' and it has been very well received, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude.

Brazil is a brand that is delicious even if you drink it as hot coffee, but it is also a brand that is recommended to drink as iced coffee during the hot summer months.

By making iced coffee, you get a refreshing taste and a clean finish that you can drink over and over again.

In this article, we will tell you the recipe for making iced coffee using such Brazilian brand.

The key is to be careful not to move the coffee grounds.

Now let's actually extract it.
This time, we will use a medium-roasted product that we sample roasted in-house.
We recommend a medium roast, not too light or too deep, because we want to create a clean cup while retaining the nutty aroma typical of Brazil.
[Extraction ratio]
・Beans amount: 25g
・Extraction amount: 150ml
・Completion: Approximately 250ml (this will be the amount after the ice melts)
・Pouring amount: 300ml
・Extraction time: 2 minutes ・Grind: Medium-fine ・Water temperature: 91-92℃
① Grind the beans to a medium-thin grind.
We use a medium-thin grind because we want to create a clean cup that is not too heavy while still providing the typical Brazilian aroma.
② Add ice so that the server is full and prepare for extraction.
Since ice dilutes the flavor, we recommend a higher water temperature of 91 to 92 degrees to bring out the flavor.
③ Steam carefully and evenly in hot water for 50 seconds.
Thoroughly soak the powder into the hot water. Please note that if it does not penetrate completely, the flavor will not come out completely.
④After steaming, pour in the hot water again in a circular motion from Shin inside to the outside.
The key is to pour the hot water slowly and carefully.
At this point, be careful not to brew too vigorously and move the powder too much.
If the powder moves too much, it can cause an unpleasant taste or harsh taste, so pour gently to avoid moving it too much.
⑤ After pouring it all the way to the outside, pour it back inside in a circular motion.
Pour it all the way to the inside, then pour it to the outside. Continue this process until the target extraction amount is reached.
⑥When the target extraction amount is reached, stop pouring and remove the dripper.

⑦ Stir thoroughly and cool the extracted coffee.

⑧Pour into a glass and it's done.
We recommend pouring this Brazilian Anaerobic Iced Coffee into a glass filled with ice.

What did you think?

Brazilian Anaerobic Iced Coffee is recommended during hot weather.
Enjoy fresh and clean iced coffee!

This time I used a medium-roasted one, but you can enjoy a more refreshing taste if you use a light-roasted one, and if you use a dark-roasted one, you can enjoy a more Brazilian aroma.

Another feature of this Brazilian Anaerobic is that you can enjoy a wide range of roast levels, from light roast to dark roast.

Be sure to try different roasting levels!

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Hiroto Usukura