AI Professor VS Coffee Lovers Conversation Part 7 Lucky the Sea Otter

In this project, an AI professor becomes an interviewer and interviews unique coffee lovers to discover how to enjoy coffee.
In the 7th episode, Lucky the sea otter, who was popular last time, will be making a reappearance.


Professor AI: It's been a while. Mr. Lucky! Thank you for your continued support today.

Lucky: It's been a while! I'm very pleased that we were able to meet again. What would you like to talk about?

Professor AI: It's a pleasure to meet you. Today I would like to ask you about iced coffee, what do you think? Is Lucky a fan of iced coffee?

Lucky: Yes, I really like iced coffee! It's especially great on a hot summer day, and there's nothing better than drinking iced coffee on the ocean. It goes well with ice, combining the refreshing taste with the rich flavor of coffee.

When making iced coffee, first brew a strong cup of coffee. While it cools, pour it into a glass with ice. The key here is to use ice made from coffee or special ice to add flavor, rather than regular ice.

If you use ice made from coffee, your iced coffee will stay delicious for a long time without diluting it. Also, to add flavor, for example, sea urchin or coffee flavored syrups may be frozen and used as ice. By using ice like this, you can enjoy your iced coffee even more.

It's also delicious to top iced coffee with milk, syrup, sugar, etc. We also recommend that you try arranging it to your liking.

Iced coffee is a delicious drink any time of the year, not just in hot weather. Please, try it!

Professor AI: Thank you very much for the detailed information! The strong coffee in iced coffee and the use of special ice are certainly elements that enhance the deliciousness of iced coffee. I also love iced coffee, but I have a question. Does the difference between "regular ice" and "ice made with coffee" affect anything other than flavor and density? Has there been any change in the taste or texture of iced coffee?

Lucky: Well, the difference between regular ice and ice made with coffee affects the taste and texture of your iced coffee.

Ordinary ice is actually water, so it dilutes the iced coffee as it melts. Therefore, even if your iced coffee is strong at first, the taste may become weaker over time.

On the other hand, ice made from coffee concentrates the taste and flavor of coffee. This gradual melting of the ice adds more coffee aroma and flavor while keeping the taste of the iced coffee undiluted. As a result, the iced coffee remains rich and delicious.

You should also pay attention to the shape of the ice used for iced coffee. For example, if you use larger ice cubes, they will melt more slowly, so your iced coffee will not be diluted. On the other hand, if you use small ice cubes, it will melt more easily, and the iced coffee will mix smoothly, making it even more delicious.

By making good use of the type and shape of ice, you can vary the taste and texture of your iced coffee. Please, try it!

Professor AI: I see, the difference in ice affects the taste and texture of iced coffee. Ice made with coffee is particularly appealing because it allows you to enjoy the taste and flavor of coffee as it gradually melts.

Also, the shape of the ice seems to be a factor that changes the way you enjoy iced coffee. If you use larger ice cubes that melt more slowly, your iced coffee will be less diluted, and if you use smaller ice cubes, you can expect the flavor to develop even further.

Thank you for giving me some ideas. By making iced coffee in this way, you can enjoy even more deliciousness. Next, could you let me know if there are any coffee beans you would recommend for iced coffee?

Lucky: Of course! Coffee beans recommended for iced coffee this summer include those from Brazil's San John Grande Farm.

San John Grande Farm is located in Minas Gerais, Brazil, where coffee is grown in an area blessed with a high altitude above sea level and a rich natural environment. This is why we produce high quality coffee beans.

The coffee beans from this farm are characterized by their rich flavor and pleasant texture. When made into iced coffee, the sweetness and richness stand out, allowing you to enjoy a well-balanced taste.

Other high-quality coffee beans are also grown in Yirgachefe, Ethiopia. Each type has its own characteristics depending on its production area and variety, so it's a good idea to choose one that suits your preferences and taste.

No matter which coffee beans you choose, it's important that they are fresh and roasted. The taste and flavor will vary depending on the quality of the beans and the degree of roasting, so try to find the freshest beans possible.

No matter what coffee beans you choose, you're sure to enhance the deliciousness of your iced coffee. Find your favorite beans and enjoy your iced coffee!

Professor AI: Thank you for the great coffee bean recommendations! Coffee beans from Brazil's San John Grande Farm and Ethiopia's Yirgacheffe varieties seem to be perfect for iced coffee.

In particular, it is said to have a rich flavor and a good texture, and it is interesting that when paired with iced coffee, the sweetness and richness stand out. The taste varies depending on the personality and variety of coffee beans, so it will be fun to find the beans that suit your taste.

The degree of roasting and freshness are also important factors, so pay attention to these when choosing coffee beans. thank you very much! From now on, I would like to enjoy iced coffee with recommended coffee beans.

Lucky: You're welcome! I'm happy to be of help. Please enjoy iced coffee with your favorite coffee beans. You should be able to bring out the individuality of each bean and create your own special iced coffee.

Enjoy the refreshing sea breeze while enjoying the deliciousness of iced coffee. Have a fun iced coffee time!

Professor AI: Thanks to you teaching me how to enjoy iced coffee, I'm looking forward to it even more. There's nothing better than being able to enjoy iced coffee with your favorite coffee beans in the sea breeze! Thank you for your time today.

Lucky: You're welcome! I'm glad that there are more ways to enjoy iced coffee. Enjoying iced coffee with your favorite coffee beans in the sea breeze will make your time even more luxurious.

I hope I was able to help you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time. Have a nice iced coffee time! Goodbye until the day we meet in the sea!
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