Beautiful Coffee Life 09

Lifestyle interview project 9th!

We asked people we met around town who lead wonderful coffee lives about how they enjoy coffee!
This time, it's "Olivia".
Editorial Department: Hello! First of all, please tell me your name.

Olivia: Hello! My name is Olivia. Nice to meet you!

Editor: Thank you very much, Olivia. What a cute dog! What is your name?

Olivia: Thank you! My dog's name is Charlie. She's a Boston Terrier, and she's really cute and full of energy. Charlie is my comfort.

Editorial Department: It seems that there is another kind of healing presence for Olivia.

Olivia: Yes, that's right! Coffee is another comfort for me. When I wake up in the morning, my daily routine is to make a cup of coffee and let its aroma soothe me as I start my day. Coffee is my source of energy and time to relax. Especially on cold or rainy days, there's nothing better than relaxing with a hot cup of coffee.

Editorial Department: Olivia, how did you become a coffee lover? Maybe it has something to do with the dog (lol)

Olivia: Actually, the reason I became a coffee lover has nothing to do with dogs (lol). I have always loved the smell of coffee and the atmosphere of coffee shops and cafes. After a friend taught me how to make delicious coffee and different flavors, I started making coffee at home. Since then, coffee has become an essential part of my daily life. However, Charlie is also very interested in the smell of coffee, and when we are together, Charlie seems to enjoy the smell of coffee as well (lol).

Editorial Department: The aroma of coffee is attractive, isn't it? However, caffeine is dangerous for dogs, so be careful not to accidentally lick it (lol)

Olivia: That's right, caffeine is dangerous for dogs, so you need to be careful. Charlie doesn't drink coffee and I'm careful not to let him drink it. Coffee time is just for me, and Charlie enjoys getting snacks and going for walks during that time. I put safety first and take care to protect the dog's health (lol).

Editorial Department: As expected! You can tell that Olivia cares about Charlie. Do you have any unique stories about Olivia, who has a dog and is also a coffee lover?

Olivia: Thank you! Actually, there is an episode. One morning, I woke up and was still sleepy, but Charlie was full of energy and was wandering around me, wanting to play with me.

So, I decided to make some coffee to blow away my sleepiness. Charlie usually doesn't go near the coffee table, but that day he was making coffee, even though he thought something was wrong.

Then, as soon as I finished making the coffee and held the cup in my hand, Charlie came to my feet and started scouting the cup! I was surprised and warned Charlie not to drink it, but he was excited by the aroma in the cup.

I kept Charlie away and enjoyed my coffee slowly, but as soon as I put the cup down, Charlie immediately tried to lick it! Luckily I was able to stop it in time, but I thought Charlie was really interested.

Since then, when I make coffee, I pay special attention to Charlie and make sure to keep it in a safe place. I'm always amazed at how curious dogs are (lol).

Editorial Department: It was a close call (lol) I think Olivia's drip was going well that day, right?

Olivia: Yes, that's exactly right (lol). On that day, the drip was in good condition and I was able to brew delicious coffee. Even with Charlie's interests, I was able to enjoy my coffee.

I was a little nervous when Charlie approached, but the coffee that day had a really strong flavor and taste, especially the beans. Sometimes I feel that Charlie's presence adds a little thrill.

Editorial Department: Enjoying coffee with a little thrill (lol) This is an episode that is typical of Olivia, who loves Charlie and coffee so much.

Olivia: Thank you! Certainly, Charlie and coffee have brought me great comfort and joy in my life. Charlie's energetic appearance and the aroma and taste of coffee are special to me.

Enjoying small thrills and surprises in everyday life enriches even the most ordinary days. I would like to cherish such small pleasures and cherish the time I spend with Charlie and coffee.

Editorial Department: I see. I hope you will continue to enjoy your wonderful coffee life with Charlie.

Olivia: Thank you! I would like to continue to enjoy a wonderful coffee life with Charlie. The time I spent with Charlie was special, and I hope we can create even more fun memories through coffee. thank you very much!

Editorial Department: Thank you!
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