A big event will be held with all the Panama farm owners! [SCAJ 2023]

SCAJ 2023 (SCAJ World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition 2023) was an annual specialty coffee festival held from September 27th to 29th.

At CROWD ROASTER booth, under the theme of "Gathering of Artisans," we will invite all the coffee professionals in the industry, including roasters, baristas, mechanics, importers, and producers, to perform various special shows that can only be seen here.・We have delivered special content that you cannot listen to.
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There will also be archive distribution, so if you missed any events, please take a look!

Owners of famous farms in Panama will be at CROWD ROASTER booth!

The event held at CROWD ROASTER booth from 15:00 on the 28th was entitled "Producers talk about the charm of Panama Geisha and the future of Panama coffee," and it featured Panama farm owners and Barisa & Tierra's representative Yamaguchi. I received it.
The speakers here were the owners of famous farms in Panama!
CROWD ROASTER also held a special event where the owners of Esmeralda Farm, Lleida Farm, Bambito Farm, and Altieri Farm, all of which produce great coffee that represents Panama, gathered together.
At this event, each of the speakers introduced their own farms.
The story shows how each person is Shin working on making coffee. It became clear that the efforts of these producers are bearing fruit in coffee.
In the future, we would like to introduce more of the appeal of Panama coffee, including Geisha , on CROWD ROASTER .
Please stay tuned!

Ambassador of Panama will be on stage! Panama Roasting Competition “PCRC 2023” Award Ceremony

The last event of the day was the awards ceremony where the winners of the first roasting competition exclusively for Panama coffee, "PANAMA COFFEE ROASTING COMPETITION 2023" sponsored by Barisa & Tierra, were announced.
This roasting competition was divided into two divisions: the Geisha division, which competed with rare Geisha brands, and the traditional division, which competed with varieties other than Geisha .
More than 80 people participated, and awards were given to the top eight finalists announced in advance.
And the announcement of the first champion was held here!
The result was a surprising one, with Roaster Shinya Kobayashi from Wakaya, a specialty coffee shop in Fukui City, winning the second category!
The winner, Mr. Kobayashi, was presented with a trophy by special guest Carlos Pele, Panamanian Ambassador to Japan.
The coffee roasted by Mr. Kobayashi during the final round will be specially sold at CROWD ROASTER .
Be sure to check out CROWD ROASTER app and enjoy the champion coffee! !
You can see this in the archive broadcast on the second day!
Please also take a look.