The CROWD ROASTER wagon at Jimbocho Book Festival was a huge success!

Kanda Jimbocho, Tokyo is said to be the best book town in the world. The Jimbocho Book Festival is an annual book festival held in this town.
It was a grand event held over two days, October 28th (Sat) and 29th (Sun)!
We at CROWD ROASTER also set up a wagon at the Jimbocho Book Festival. We sold specialty coffee drinks, and many people enjoyed CROWD ROASTER coffee.
Thank you to everyone who came.

Many visitors to Suzuran Street

At Suzuran Street, the main venue for the Jimbocho Book Festival, a book fair was held where many publishers from the Kanda Jimbocho area set up their wagons. Every publisher's wagon was crowded with people.
In such a situation, we at CROWD ROASTER opened a wagon along with the publishers on Suzuran Street, and we were able to offer the high-quality specialty coffee that CROWD ROASTER is proud of.
We were able to provide coffee to so many people, many of whom lined up in the wagons of their favorite publishers with a CROWD ROASTER cup in hand.
We hope you enjoyed the complex and wonderful flavors created by Japan's leading roasters and carefully selected specialty coffee brands in your cup.
We received many happy comments from those who drank it, such as, ``It's not bitter and has a fruity scent!''
We hope that we were able to convey the appeal of CROWD ROASTER and specialty coffee to book lovers.
Thank you again to everyone who came to visit us, everyone in Jimbocho, and the publishers who opened stores.

CROWD ROASTER will carry out various activities such as apps, event stalls, and pop-ups in order to convey the new appeal of coffee to as many people as possible. looking forward to.