Thank you to everyone who came to YOKOHAMA COFFEE FESTIVAL!

Kanagawa's largest coffee event "YOKOHAMA COFFEE FESTIVAL 2023" will be held for three days from November 24th (Friday) to 26th (Sunday) at Yokohama Hammerhead in Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 district, and CROWD ROASTER will also be participating in this event. Participated as an official partner.

In addition to opening a booth where you can enjoy coffee, CROWD ROASTER will work with the YOKOHAMA COFFEE FESTIVAL executive committee to produce the stage inside the venue.

A special event featuring Takayuki Ishitani, who won his third victory at the Japan Barista Championship (JBC) 2023, and two Japan Brewer Champions: Hikaru Ono (JBrC 2022 Champion/ Brewman Tokyo ) and Tomoteru Shiraishi. (JBrC 2023 Champion) held an extraction showdown between champions.

The stage was a great success as we invited some gorgeous guests!

Furthermore, after the stage event, Mr. Ono and Mr. Shiraishi served as guest baristas and brewed coffee at the CROWD ROASTER booth.
It was also a great success, and everyone enjoyed the precious champion-extracted coffee!

Thank you to everyone who visited the CROWD ROASTER booth at YOKOHAMA COFFEE FESTIVAL!

We were able to meet everyone who uses the app at the event, and all of our staff had a great time!
We are happy that so many people enjoyed CROWD ROASTER coffee.

Also, for those of you who have enjoyed CROWD ROASTER 's delicious coffee, please try using the app to find your favorite coffee.
All attendees will receive 125g of coffee beans to participate in the roast event.

For more information, please see the pamphlets and gift tickets handed out when you visit!

CROWD ROASTER will continue to actively participate in events, so we look forward to seeing you in various locations.