Introducing how to use the coupons distributed at YOKOHAMA COFFEE FESTIVAL

Kanagawa's largest coffee event "YOKOHAMA COFFEE FESTIVAL 2023" will be held for three days from November 24th (Friday) to 26th (Sunday) at Yokohama Hammerhead in Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 district, and CROWD ROASTER will also be participating in this event. Participated as an official partner.

At the venue, we handed out green bean exchange coupons that could be used within the CROWD ROASTER app to customers who purchased admission tickets that included a drinking comparison ticket.

Use this coupon to request a roast from your favorite roaster using CROWD ROASTER app and participate in the roast event.
(You can also make a new request!)

You can enjoy CROWD ROASTER original lot of coffee from San John Grande Farm in Brazil, roasted by your favorite roaster!

Using coupons is easy!

A paper coupon like the one above is enclosed in the blue bag distributed when you visit.
Now, let me explain how to use this coupon.

① Download the app, register as a member, and log in.

②Tap the menu bar at the top right of the app home screen.

③Tap code input.

④Enter the code written on the coupon.
By entering it, you can get green beans that can be used in the roast event.

⑤ Tap the [SJBA] (green) bar on the home screen to check the roast events currently recruiting.

⑥When you find a roast event by a roaster you are interested in , tap Participate with the beans you own and confirm your order.

There are already several Brazilian roast events, so please try participating in the event of the roaster you are interested in!

>> Check roast events in the app

*Separate shipping fee will be charged

Rare Bourbon Anaerobic CROWD ROASTER limited lot!

This time, we are handing out coupons for the CROWD ROASTER limited lot "[SJBA] Brazil/San John Grande Farm/ Bourbon /Anaerobic".

CROWD ROASTER is the only place in Japan where you can experience this coffee!

This batch is a complex and distinctive coffee with a Brazilian aroma, a fruity sourness that is not typical of Brazil, and a slight anaerobic fermentation.
CROWD ROASTER limited lot that makes you feel the new possibilities of Brazil.
This brand is also recommended for those who are not very good at anaerobics.

Please enjoy roasting by Japan's top roaster to enjoy a new Brazilian taste that can only be experienced at CROWD ROASTER !

>> Check the roast event on the app