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ORIGAMI dripper loved by Brewers champions

Among these, the extraction device that is attracting attention is the ``ORIGAMI dripper''.

The ORIGAMI dripper was also used by China's Jianing Du, who won the World Brewers Cup 2019, a world coffee brewing competition, and Chikako Nakai, who won the domestic Japan Brewers Cup 2018. It is also used in the world where professional people compete in Shin games.

The most distinctive feature of the ORIGAMI dripper is that it has a total of 20 deep ribs (vertical grooves).

The deeper the ribs and the more ribs there are, the better the hot water will drain and pass through. Therefore, the speed at which hot water is poured from the pot and the speed at which hot water drains out are highly linked, making it easier to create a clear taste.

Therefore, if you pour thick water, the water will flow faster, giving you a refreshing and clear taste, whereas if you pour thin water, it will flow more slowly, giving you a richer flavor.
The appeal of this dripper is that depending on the pot control, the range of flavors that can be expressed expands, and you can express the flavor that you want to create.

ORIGAMI is a dripper that can express a wide range of tastes, so you can enjoy a variety of flavors with just one.

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