Introductory grinders/coffee mills are available at special prices during the holiday sale!

CROWD ROASTER is holding a holiday sale with up to 47% off until Friday, December 22nd at 5:59pm!

Roasted beans and CROWD ROASTER original goods sold at the SHOP can be purchased at sale prices.
Additionally, this sale also includes coffee equipment.

In fact, CROWD ROASTER SHOP carries a variety of coffee equipment, from brewing equipment for home use to equipment for professional use.
Please take this opportunity to check it out.

Now, if you are reading this article, do you have a grinder (coffee mill) for grinding coffee beans?
I think many people have one to grind coffee at home, but if you don't yet, be sure to check out CROWD ROASTER holiday sale!

A wide lineup of grinders, from professionals to beginners

CROWD ROASTER SHOP carries many types of grinders.

We also carry the EK43, which is said to be a masterpiece from MAHLKONIG, a leading German brand that has a long history of over 80 years and is synonymous with commercial grinders (this item is not included in the sale). )

It is true that high-end machines like the EK43 have an exquisite particle size balance that allows them to bring out the maximum flavor potential of the coffee.

Naturally, these pieces of professional equipment come at a professional price. I'm sure there are some coffee geeks who have one at home, but the price is hard to afford.

HARIO's hand mill and electric grinder are on sale!

On the other hand, CROWD ROASTER SHOP also carries easily available grinders for home use.
First of all, if you want to get some kind of tool to grind coffee beans, you may want to consider these beginner-friendly tools.

In this holiday sale, HARIO hand mills and electric grinders are 36% and 38% off!
A compact hand mill that is portable and doesn't take up much storage space at home. That is " HARIO Coffee Mill Smart G ".
The handle part is removable, and the ceramic mortar part that grinds coffee can be washed.
The colors are clear and clear black. Both are transparent so you can clearly see the beans being ground.

Hand mills are a little difficult because they are ground by hand.
With an electric grinder, you can use it during busy mornings without any hassle.
" V60 Electric Coffee Grinder Compact " is a conical blade electric coffee grinder that can be adjusted in 39 steps to suit your preferred equipment, from ultra-fine grinding for espresso to coarse grinding for coffee presses. Since it has a powder receptacle with a lid, the coffee powder will not scatter.

During the holiday sale, these two types of grinders are on sale at a great price of 36% and 38% off!
You can view it from "SHOP" on the CROWD ROASTER app .
Please consider this grinder!