CROWD ROASTER 's lucky bag has great deals on popular brands and roasters!

Happy new year
We look forward to your continued support of CROWD ROASTER in 2024.

Well, the annual lucky bag for the new year. The 2024 edition is finally running out!
This year, it is called "HELLO 2024 SUPER ROASTER'S BOX," and it is a luxurious set unique to CROWD ROASTER , where you can enjoy coffee from many roasters.
Quantities are limited, so please check it out soon!

The lineup of "HELLO 2024 SUPER ROASTER'S BOX" is three types in total.

A set containing approximately 10,000 yen worth of coffee beans made by 4 or more roasters.
Price: 6,000 yen

A set containing approximately 17,000 yen worth of coffee beans made by 6 or more roasters.
Price: 11,000 yen

A set containing approximately 25,000 yen worth of coffee beans made by 8 or more roasters.
Either the ultra-rare Geisha from a famous farm in Panama or Lupao, a new variety from Panama that arrived in Japan for the first time, will definitely be included.
Price: 16,000 yen

In addition to coffee beans (roasted beans), each item also includes CROWD ROASTER original goods and a discount coupon worth up to 3,000 yen that can be used when participating in roast events!
In addition to drinking the coffee you receive, you can also participate in a roast event (roasting request) from your favorite roaster, making CROWD ROASTER the most enjoyable experience.

The roasters are Japan's leading roasters who are participating in CROWD ROASTER .
Not only is the quality high, but the roasting is done to reflect each person's individuality.

For example, it may contain coffee from the following roasters:
Of course there are other possibilities too!

Yoshiyuki Nakamura mamepolepole
Nakamura Keita LiLo Coffee Roasters
Yuya Kosakada Raw Sugar Roast
Mikami Hitomi Roast Design Coffee
Hikaru Ono Brewman Tokyo

Please enjoy the co-starring of TOP roasters in your lucky bag!

Coffee brands are also included from CROWD ROASTER 's popular lineup.

The coffee brands are also selected from CROWD ROASTER 's popular brands!

Limited lot made for CROWD ROASTER [SJBA] Brazil/San John Grande Farm/ Bourbon /Anaerobic has a Brazilian aroma, a fruity acidity that is not typical of Brazil, and a slight fermentation that is typical of Anaerobic. It's a complex and distinctive coffee with a hint of flavor.

[CSLC] Colombia/El Paraiso Farm/ Castillo /Double Anaerobic Lychee is produced through anaerobic fermentation (anaerobic fermentation) by the farmer, Diego Samuel Bermudez, who has thoroughly researched how to create the flavor in post-harvest. We create new flavors using unique drying methods. Lightly roasted, it has a beautiful citrusy acidity. This is a popular brand with flavors similar to lychee and peach.
You can also enjoy CROWD ROASTER 's popular brands of coffee at a great price.

Please enjoy CROWD ROASTER 's exclusive lucky bags, where you can welcome the New Year with coffee from many roasters!

*Items will be shipped sequentially from Friday, January 5, 2024.
*You cannot choose the brand or roaster of the roasted beans included.
*Coupon can only be used once a month.
*Please note that you cannot specify the delivery date.
*Since it is a limited quantity item, it will end as soon as it runs out.