Which brand was the most drunk at roast events in 2023? [ CROWD ROASTER Coffee Ranking 2023]

CROWD ROASTER has held many roast events over the past year.
Thank you to all the users who launched and participated, and to all the roasters who roasted wonderful coffee!

This time, we will introduce the coffee brands that were roasted the most at the roast event held in 2023, from 1st to 10th.
The ranking is based on the amount roasted by the roasters, so the brand that ranks first is the coffee that has been drunk by the most users.
Which brand will be the most consumed in 2023?

Now, let me introduce the top 10 to 4 all at once.

What is the ranking from 10th to 4th place?

[GSA] El Salvador/El Carmen Farm/ Geisha /Anaerobic Natural
9th place
[CSLM] Colombia/El Paraiso Farm/ Castillo /Double Anaerobic Lime
8th place
[KKW] Kenya/Tim Factory/ SL28 SL34 Batian Ruiru 11/Washed
7th place
[YBB] Colombia/Santuario Farm/Yellow Bourbon /Gold Washed
6th place
[ETH] Ethiopia
5th place
[GJE] Ethiopia/Guji/Uraga/G1/Natural
[CSLC] Colombia/El Paraiso Farm/ Castillo /Double Anaerobic Lychee

So far, CROWD ROASTER 's most popular brands, coffee from Colombia's El Paraiso Farm and Santuario Farm, have made it onto the list.
This is a famous farm known for its flavors created through advanced processes.

In addition, Kenya/Tim Factory and Ethiopia/Guji Uraga have become new staples. The excellent quality coffee from Kenya and Ethiopia is exactly what you want to drink every day.
And from Panama, which leads the world's specialty coffee, we have natural from the famous Cotowa Farm.

Now it's time to announce the TOP3!

3rd place [ SL28 ] Kenya/Nyeri/Kiamabara Coffee Factory/ SL28 SL34/Washed

In third place is a brand from Kenya. This is top quality coffee from the Nyeri region of Kenya, which is by far the most famous and high quality coffee in Africa.

You can enjoy the sharp presence of citrus fruits typical of Kenyan washed wine.
In addition to Nyeri's typical berry flavor, it has a creamy texture and apricot-like sweetness. It is characterized by a complex flavor that leans towards sweetness.
The varieties consist of SL28 and SL34, and are harvested at an altitude of around 1600m. You can also feel the refreshing aftertaste that is unique to free washed.

[ SL28 ] is a brand that has an excellent balance of sweetness and sourness, while also allowing you to enjoy just the right amount of body.

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2nd Place [ SL28 ] El Salvador/Santa Ana Region/Hota Hill Selection Center/ SL28 /Washed

Second place goes to coffee from El Salvador. It is very cost-effective and is the perfect brand for getting started with roast events.
In addition to the juicy acidity that characterizes SL28 , the flavors of ginger, apricot, and anise also stand out, and the two harmonize in a well-balanced manner.
Although it is not a brand from a single farm, it is of such great quality that you would think it was made by an agricultural cooperative!
The altitude and soil were carefully selected among the surrounding farms, and the cleanliness of the cup makes it stand out among the high-quality El Salvadoran coffees.

Depending on the degree of roasting, this coffee has a variety of flavors ranging from mild sweetness to citrus fruit, allowing you to enjoy its complex taste.

1st place [SJBA] Brazil/San John Grande Farm/ Bourbon /Anaerobic

And the 1st place of the year is [SJBA] Brazil/San John Grande Farm/ Bourbon /Anaerobic!

This brand, made from the precious Saint John Grande Farm Bourbon with an anaerobic finish, is a limited batch made for CROWD ROASTER . You can't get it anywhere else.

This batch is a complex and distinctive coffee with a Brazilian aroma, a fruity sourness that is not typical of Brazil, and a slight anaerobic fermentation.

The coffee was roasted by many roasters, and each coffee has distinct characteristics.

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What did you think. If you know of a brand you haven't tried yet, please use this ranking as a reference when planning and participating in a roast event.

One of the best parts of CROWD ROASTER is that you can enjoy different flavors even with the same brand depending on the roaster.
If you find a particular brand that interests you, we recommend ordering the same brand from multiple roasters.

In 2024, please enjoy the combination of Japan's leading roasters and top-class green beans, which is only possible at CROWD ROASTER .