New brand x ETHICUS Yamazaki ! A 3-drink comparison box is now available to commemorate your participation.

` ETHICUS harmonia BOX'', a special comparison set of 3 types of coffee

To commemorate ETHICUS Yoshiya Yamazaki 's participation in CROWD ROASTER , a special set of 3 types of coffee comparison " ETHICUS harmonia BOX" is now available in limited quantities!

This 50g x 3 set allows you to enjoy three types of coffee roasted by Yamazaki : Kenya, where you can enjoy both light and dark roasts, and the newly introduced Galapagos Islands coffee.

Mr. Yamazaki calls himself a coffee roaster and deals with coffee as an engineer.
Based on his 10 years of experience as a barista at Segafredo Zanetti Espresso, he is good at not only light roasts but also dark roasts.

These are the two types of coffee beans that Mr. Yamazaki roasted for this set.

[KKW] Kenya/Tim Factory/Washed
[GLP] Ecuador/La Primavera Farm/Washed

Kenya Tim Factory is a brand that Mr. Yamazaki likes, and because it is delicious whether roasted lightly or darkly, this time we roasted it in light roast (shallow roast) and full city roast (dark roast) .

In addition, Ecuador's La Primavera Farm is a rare coffee farm located in the Galapagos Islands . This time, it will be newly added to CROWD ROASTER lineup.

First, we had Mr. Yamazaki , who has extensive experience roasting Ecuadorian coffee, roast it for us.

ETHICUS coffee, which is roasted using Mr. Yamazaki 's delicate sensibilities, is known to have enthusiastic fans.

This special set was born from the first "harmonia" by ETHICUS Yamazaki , who has a unique worldview, and CROWD ROASTER .
I hope you enjoy this wonderful research.

As quantities are limited, we recommend purchasing early.

<Product details>
ETHICUS harmonia BOX
2,480 yen (tax included)
Released on March 7, 2024