“Bread Festival 2024 Spring” CROWD ROASTER booth is very popular!

“Bread Festival 2024 Spring in Yokohama Red Brick” is being held at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse for three days from March 1st (Friday) to March 3rd (Sunday), 2024!
CROWD ROASTER is opening a store at Japan's largest bread event!
At the venue, we are offering wonderful specialty coffee roasted by one of Japan's leading roasters to accompany the bread.

On the first day, many people stopped by the CROWD ROASTER booth and enjoyed CROWD ROASTER coffee!

We offer coffee that can only be enjoyed at CROWD ROASTER , roasted by Japan's leading roasters, in a cup.
Quick Brew offers different recommended coffee brands from CROWD ROASTER lineup every day and every hour.
We hope you enjoy encountering new coffee every time.

For hand drip coffee, you can choose your favorite coffee from CROWD ROASTER 's many lineups and brew it one cup at a time in front of you.
There are so many types of coffee that I can't choose! If so, please feel free to contact our staff.
We will listen to your preferences and recommend the perfect coffee.

Furthermore, “ CROWD ROASTER Gacha” will be appearing for the first time at this booth!
The gacha contains 20g of coffee beans.
I look forward to seeing what brands come out. It costs 500 yen each time, but some of them are quite good value.

This coffee bean gacha, which is hard to find anywhere else, has been very popular since the first day!
Please give it a try when you stop by our booth.

You can enjoy a collaboration between bread from shops all over Japan and coffee made by roasters from all over Japan.

We also sell coffee beans, so if you would like to enjoy bread and coffee at home, please ask our staff.
If you are planning to come to "Bread Festival 2024 Spring in Yokohama Red Brick", please be sure to stop by CROWD ROASTER booth.
We look forward to meeting you all.

“Bread Festival 2024 Spring in Yokohama Red Brick”
■Date: March 1st (Friday), 2nd (Saturday), 3rd (Sunday), 2024
■Hours: General admission (1st section) 11:00-13:30
General admission (2 parts) 14:00-17:00
■Venue: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Event Plaza (1-1 Shinminato, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture)
■Admission fee: [Bakery area] 1st section 11:00-13:30 (cash: 700 yen, cashless: 600 yen)
*Free for elementary school students and under
Part 2 14:00-17:00 Free [Event Area] Free

CROWD ROASTER booth is located in the event area and is free to enter throughout the day.

■Sponsor: Bread Festival Executive Committee (Pia Co., Ltd./Nippan Segumo Co., Ltd.)
Official website: