Beautiful Coffee Life 01

Coffee Lover Interview Project: Congratulations on the first one!

We asked some coffee lovers we met around town about how they enjoy coffee!

Editor: Hello. First of all, please tell us your name.

Emily: Hello. My name is Emily.

Editor: Please tell us how you first encountered coffee.

Emily: The reason I first encountered coffee was not that special, but after I entered Manabu , I got into cafe hopping and that's where I first encountered coffee. Before that, I only drank sweet soft drinks, but when I was studying hard at a cafe, I needed coffee after all. That's when I started drinking coffee.

Editor: And then you became really addicted to coffee.

Emily: Yes. At first, I just went to cafes, but as I drank coffee at various cafes, I started to become interested in the differences and depth of coffee flavor. After that, I started brewing coffee myself, and I guess you could say I got hooked on coffee.

Editor: Are there any other things you're interested in?

Emily: Yes, I'm interested in music and fashion. I listen to a wide range of music, but I've recently become obsessed with jazz and blues, and occasionally go to live shows. I enjoy fashion in my own way, but recently I've been into second-hand shops and looking for vintage clothes (laughs).

Editorial Department: Coffee, music, and fashion are all very cool.

Emily: Thank you! I just enjoy it in my own way, but coffee, music, and fashion can all be enjoyed according to your own taste and sensibility, so I think that by pursuing the things you like, you can make new discoveries.

Editor: How do you usually enjoy coffee with your coffee friends?

Emily: My coffee friends usually go around to cafes, make their own coffee, and enjoy it in their own way. We don't have deep knowledge of coffee, but it's a field that we can enjoy in our own way, such as the taste and aroma, so that's great. Another way to enjoy coffee with my coffee friends is to chat, listen to music, or read while drinking coffee. I think one of the charms of coffee is that you can enjoy it casually.

Editor: Is there anything you'd like to try with coffee next?

Emily: I've recently become interested in drip coffee and would like to try different kinds. I also want to try the fashionable way of drinking iced coffee that is served in fashionable cafes overseas. Of course, I would like to learn more about how to brew coffee and pursue ways to bring out the flavor, and I would also like to try new coffee beans.

Editorial team: We have an app called CROWD ROASTER that we recommend for you, Emily! Please use it to enjoy your coffee life!

Emily: CROWD ROASTER ? I've never heard of it before, but is it a good app? It's perfect for me as a coffee lover. Thank you! I'm going to download it and give it a try soon!

Editorial Department: Thank you! (laughs)

Emily: Thank you! I'm so grateful that you told me about CROWD ROASTER !
Emily's profile
Emily is a 22-year-old woman who just graduated from Manabu and is a new member of society. She has a bright and cheerful personality and is interested in many things. She is into many things, including coffee, music, and fashion. She enjoys them in her own way. She would like to try brewing her own coffee and drinking it in a fashionable way like the way you drink it in cafes overseas.
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