CROWD ROASTER will be setting up a stall at the Kanda Lily of the Valley Festival, being held tomorrow in Jimbocho, the city of books!

Jimbocho is a town of books that has naturally attracted literary figures, printing companies, and publishers since the Showa era, and is now home to precious second-hand bookstores and a townscape that has lived on through the ages. Recently, many Hikaru from overseas have been coming to see the town of Jimbocho, which still retains the atmosphere of the Taisho and Showa eras.

The 35th Kanda Book Town Suzuran Festival will be held tomorrow, May 25th (Sat.) , centered around Suzuran Street, which runs north and south through the second-hand bookstore district.

The Jimbocho Book Festival held in October 2023

It's nice to browse the second-hand bookstores as usual, but there are also plenty of other events, such as the "Central Stage" where live events such as marching bands and flamenco are held, the "Experience Square" where visitors can participate in experience sessions, and "Storytelling for Children" where families with children can learn about the joys of picture books and other things.

CROWD ROASTER will also be opening a store on Suzuran Street, a pedestrian precinct lined with Chinese restaurants and coffee shops in the Jimbocho area! In fact, CROWD ROASTER 's office is also located here in Jimbocho. We are very grateful to everyone in the shopping district for their continued support.

We offer specialty coffee both hot and iced. The highlight is Geisha !

This time, we will be offering three types of iced coffee that will help you forget the humid heat of early summer, one type of premium Geisha from El Carmen Farm, and two types of specialty coffee, which will be rotated. A cup of Geisha is only 500 yen! The beans will change depending on the time of day, so if you come multiple times, such as in the morning, afternoon, or evening, you can enjoy a variety of flavors.

We will also be bringing some pre-roasted coffee beans that are available for purchase through the CROWD ROASTER app. We'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what we have...

All of the staff on hand on the day are coffee lovers. If you don't know how to choose, feel free to ask the staff about your favorite flavors and the coffee you usually drink. You don't have to think about anything complicated, you're welcome to just drink coffee.

We will do our best to convey CROWD ROASTER 's new way of enjoying coffee, which involves matching roasters and raw beans, the deliciousness of specialty coffee, and the appeal of roasting!

Various events will be held from 11:00 to 17:00. They will be held even in light rain. If you're just hanging out, or between looking for books, be sure to stop by CROWD ROASTER on Suzuran Street!

Hot coffee menu (subject to change depending on stock and time)
・El Salvador El Carmen Farm Geisha 500 yen
・El Salvador Santa Ana Hotahil Selection Center SL28
・Colombia Santuario Farm Yellow Bourbon

Iced coffee (subject to change depending on stock and time)
・Colombia Santuario Farm Yellow Bourbon
・Brazil, San Jon Grande Farm Bourbon
・Kenya Tim Factory SL28 /SL34/Batihan/Ruiru 11

The 35th Kanda Book Town Lily of the Valley Festival

Date: Saturday, May 27, 2023 11:00-17:00 (rain or shine)
Location: Kanda Suzuran Street
Organized by: Kanda Suzuran Street Shopping District Promotion Association / Kanda Suzuran Festival Executive Committee
Sponsors: Chiyoda Ward Shopping District Promotion Association / FM Chiyoda Opening Preparation Office / Chiyoda Cultural Federation / Tokyo Suzuran Street Association / Small Manabu Hall / Shueisha
Nearest station: Jimbocho Station (Toei Mita Line, Toei Shinjuku Line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line) Exit A7
Details: Kanda Suzuran Street Information Dial 050-5585-2444

Main Events

Suzuran lottery

Drawing times: (1) 13:00~, (2) 15:00~
Venue: Suzuran Street, Central Stage

If you shop on the day, you will receive a lottery ticket for the "Suzuran Lottery," where you can win the "Suzuran Japanese Hand Towel," a product unique to the Suzuran Street Shopping Arcade, and other prizes. There are only 300 available, so hurry! (※ CROWD ROASTER coffee is not included)

Center stage

11:00 Marching Band (Ochanomizu Elementary School Manabu )
11:30 Flamenco (Jinbocho Flamenco Club)
13:30 Mini-concert with finger whistles (Finger Whistle Club)
14:15 New Orleans Jazz (Suzuran Street Jazz Band)
15:00 Wind Orchestra Concert (Kyoritsu Women's University Manabu Wind Orchestra)
16:00 New Orleans Jazz (Suzuran Street Jazz Band)

The performance will also be broadcast live on FM Chiyoda.

Story time for children

11:30 Onion?
12:30 Sound play in picture book country
13:30 Shamisen Onfuku
14:30 Sound play in picture book country
15:30 Storyteller Saorin

Experience Square

Manabu University Student Tent (Meiji University Manabu , Senshu University Manabu , Kyoritsu Women's Manabu , Hosei University Manabu , etc.)
Watercolor painting class (Chiyoda Cultural Federation)

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