Shinya Kobayashi , a popular coffee shop in Fukui, will be joining CROWD ROASTER

Shinya Kobayashi , a roaster at Wakoya, a specialty coffee bean store in Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture, has joined CROWD ROASTER .

Kobayashi holds the internationally recognized "Q Grader" coffee appraiser qualification and is highly regarded in the coffee industry.
He has also participated in numerous competitions, winning second place at the JCRC (Japan Coffee Roasting Championship) in 2015 and the JCTC (Japan Cup Tasters Championship) in 2016.

Furthermore, at PCRC 2023, a roasting competition specializing in Panamanian coffee, the company achieved the remarkable feat of winning two categories, the Geisha category and the Traditional category.

Every year, Kobayashi visits coffee-producing regions such as Ethiopia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Indonesia, and purchases high-quality coffee beans by directly evaluating the taste and quality through cupping.

Our goal in roasting is to bring out the diverse flavors, sweetness, and cleanliness that are unique to single-origin specialty coffee in a balanced way.
They also strive to provide consistently delicious coffee with a high degree of reproducibility, and it is important to them that the coffee that their customers brew and drink regularly is always consistently delicious.

The roaster we use is the PROBAT PROBATONE 25 TYPE 2, which allows for a well-balanced roast by taking advantage of the highly heat-storing conductive heat and the strong convection heat of the exhaust.
This model is capable of a wide range of roasting levels, from light to dark, by controlling the exhaust settings and heat during roasting, and is notable for its ability to bring out the maximum amount of sweetness that Japanese people prefer.

By controlling the high heat storage capacity and fine-tuning the heat during roasting, we are able to achieve a stable roast with high reproducibility.

Kobayashi says that his experience at PCRC 2023 has allowed him to further improve his roasting techniques and bring out the ever-evolving appeal of coffee. He is enthusiastic about taking part in CROWD ROASTER to further pursue his ideal roasting and provide the best coffee beans.

To commemorate Kobayashi 's participation, a special Panamanian coffee tasting set will be on sale from May 30, 2024.
Stay tuned for further updates.

The carefully roasted coffee beans by Kobayashi are delivered to coffee lovers across the country through CROWD ROASTER .
Don't miss this opportunity to fully enjoy the flavors of Wakoya.