[For roasters] Cupping event for micro lots including Panama Geisha

CROWD ROASTER offers carefully selected coffee beans from all over the world.
In particular, in the world of specialty coffee, we are introducing in various ways the appeal of the special coffee from Panama, the country currently producing the highest quality coffee.

CROWD ROASTER users can enjoy Panamanian coffee, including Geisha , at roasting events and coffee tasting sets.

Currently on sale is the " Limited Panama Box 2 feat. Shinya Kobayashi , " a tasting set of three 30g varieties of top quality Panamanian coffee, including "Altieri Geisha ."

On the other hand, we also introduce roasters to top quality Panamanian coffee green beans, including Geisha .

This time, we have information for roasters.
We will be holding a cupping event to introduce rare special lots of raw beans from Panama, including Geisha , a Best of Panama award-winning farm that is currently on sale at CROWD ROASTER .

We have partnered with BRISA & TIERRA, an importer specializing in Panama, to give you the opportunity to cup the green beans we sell.

This time, we will be introducing over a dozen varieties, including the Esmeralda Special and Auromar Geisha lots.

All products are in stock domestically, so you can order on the spot and receive your order in the shortest possible time.
In addition, CROWD ROASTER 's sales system allows you to order from 100g, so you can purchase even small quantities.

The event will be held at two venues, Tokyo and Osaka.
This is a unique and exciting lineup exclusive to this event, so please come and join us!

Farm lineup

La Esmeralda
Hartmann Mi Finquita
Finca Bonita Spring by Hartmann
Inmaculada (Colombia)

Date and time

Tokyo: 2024.6.20 (Thu) 19:00~ GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS
Osaka: 2024.6.21 (Fri) 19:00~ GLITCH COFFEE OSAKA

Recruitment target / number of people

This cupping event is aimed at roasters and others who are considering purchasing green beans.

Tokyo: 15 people Osaka: 30 people First come, first served. Applications will close once capacity is reached.
Participation is free.

way to participate

Please apply using the participation application form.
You will need a CROWD ROASTER account to participate.
If you don't have an account, follow the instructions to register.
*You can purchase raw beans from the account you created.

As a participation benefit, you will receive priority access to new crops of Panama coffee.