Hartman Farm, a prestigious farm that is regularly recognized as “Best of Panama” [World Famous Farms]

There are countless coffee farms around the world.
There are coffee farms of various sizes and types in production regions around the world, from large farms run by global companies to ultra-small farmers who grow coffee in their gardens.
Among these numerous farms, coffee farms that became world-famous emerged as the idea of ​​specialty coffee, which emphasizes traceability and locality, flourished.
This series introduces "famous farms" around the world that can be said to be exceptional.
This time we will introduce the Hartman Farm in Panama and the farm owned by the Hartman family.

Earned the title of best Panama Geisha

Hartman Farm is a farm located in Santa Clara, Renacimiento, Chiriqui Department, in western Panama. This region is a remote mountainous region close to the Costa Rican border. The Hartman family that opened this farm has been producing coffee for three generations.

In recent years, the Hartman family farm has made impressive strides in Best of Panama, and the quality of its Geisha has become known around the world.
<Latiball Jr. and Tessie of the Hartman family checking out Natural Process Geisha >

In the Geisha Natural category of "Best of Panama," Guarmo Farm owned by the Hartman family took first place in 2020, second place in 2021, and again in 1st place in 2022, with Hartman Farm itself taking fifth place. . And in 2023, the coffee brand "Mi Finquita" won first place in the Varietals category (other than Geisha ). The Hartman family's farm continues to receive top rankings.

The Hartman family's motto is "Growing coffee in harmony with the environment," and from the beginning of our founding we have cherished nature and the land and placed "harmony" with the environment first. We make coffee with a consistent philosophy and passion.

Hartman Family History

The Hartman family immigrated to Panama from what is now the Czech Republic. The first generation, Alois, started a coffee farm after World War I, and the second generation, Ratibor, founded the current Hartman Farm in 1940 on land inherited from his father.
<The first Alois. He first lived in remote Santa Clara and opened a farm.

Latibor is blessed with five children (Latibor Jr., Alan, Alexander, Alice, and Kelly), and the four brothers and sisters currently manage the farm and manage the Kan Hikaru business, which takes advantage of the farm's natural surroundings. I am in charge of that.
Coffee quality control is carried out by the farm's owner, Latibor Jr., who is qualified as a Q grader.

In addition to Geisha , Hartman Farm cultivates Caturra , Maragogype , Pacamara , and Ethiopian native species. He began cultivating the native Ethiopian variety, which he brought over from Amarogayo in southern Ethiopia, and named it "Chichogalo" (tough guy), which was his father's nickname.
<Hartman Farm in the forest. Eco tours are also held on the premises.

This area is also known as an eco-tourism farm due to its preserved natural environment. The altitude of the farm is 1260m to 1500m. Surrounded by vast tropical rainforest, coffee grows slowly under natural shade trees.

Ratibor is a bird lover and believes that a coffee farm should have a forest environment that attracts many birds. For this reason, the Hartman Farm's symbol logo uses an illustration of a bird.
<Symbol mark of Hartman Farm>

A new farm specializing in specialty foods

Additionally, the Hartman family established a new farm to meet the recent demand for specialty coffee. From this project, the Guarumo Coffee Farm, Mi Finquita and Finca el Higo farms were created.
<Guarmo farm owner Latibor Jr. (right) and Tessie Hartman>

Guarmo Farm, which won first place in the Best of Panama, is a farm rich in nature adjacent to La Amister National Park, at an altitude of 1,750 m. It faces the Baru Volcano to the east and offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean to the southeast. The well-drained sandy loam soil is suitable for growing Geisha , as well as rare varieties such as AF-2, Chichogalo, Beroya, AR-36, Mocha, and Pink Bourbon .
<Guarmo Farm with a high altitude and wonderful scenery>

At new farms such as Guarmo Farm, there are a variety of varieties and selection methods, and experimental cultivation and selection are being carried out, which may lead to the birth of new varieties and selection methods that will carry the next generation. do not have.

This is a farm that I would like to keep an eye on in the future.

"Best of Panama" Hartman Coffee available at CROWD ROASTER

``LUNA DE PANAMA BOX'' is now available, roasted by Eiji Dobashi of `` ignis '' in Sendagi, Tokyo, using 3 rare lots of Panama Geisha from famous Panama coffee farms including Hartman Farm.

This is a luxuriously packaged drink comparison set of coffees from three top farms [Altieri Geisha ], [Janson Geisha ], and [Hartman Mi Finquita Chichogalo], which have been awarded the "Best of Panama" award almost every year. .

Dobashi describes the coffee as ``overwhelming'' and says, ``The flavor intensity, the complexity of the taste, the length of the aftertaste, the quality of acidity, and the high level of sweetness are overwhelmingly delicious.'' However, it is hardly in circulation.

Especially “Hartman Mi Finquita”   "Chichogalo" won first place in the Varietals category (other than Geisha ) of the "Best of Panama" in 2023. It was a popular variety with the highest price in the Varietals category last year.

CROWD ROASTER will also be available in limited quantities. Don't miss this opportunity to try Panama Geisha 's Shin .